MJF Conor McGregor Fight
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MJF has been in his own fair share of tweet wars in the past on Twitter, but his current one with UFC’s Conor McGregor takes the cake. The two seem in quite the fight as of late. More on this story, below.

MJF & Conor McGregor Fight

AEW’s newly crowned World Champion recently got into a back-and-forth tiff with mixed martial arts fight, Paddy Pimblet on Twitter. In fact, MJF got some attention from TMZ for threatening to invade the UFC 282 show.

However, TMZ wasn’t the only one that noticed. As Conor McGregor’s name was used as a shot against Paddy in one of MJF’s tweets, he, too, chimed in.

Fans can see McGregor’s tweet above. In traditional MJF style, he replied back to Conor with something over-the-top.

More On MJF & Conor McGregor Fight On Twitter

As WNZ is a family-friendly website, we cannot publish MJF’s retort tweet. However, fans can view it, by clicking here.

Basically, MJF replied back to Connor saying he’d take the “Conor” clone out (Paddy). He also notes he’ll “wipe” his back end with the real McGregor.

He finishes off the tweet by instructing Conor to stay in his lane, and that he can’t hang with the AEW World Champion. MJF ends the tweet with the hashtag #Betterthanyou.

Could all this Twitter fighting, lead to a match?  Only time will tell.

WWE hasn’t been able to sway Conor McGregor for a bout. But, could AEW and Tony Khan?

Over to other news, fans are still buzzing about Logan Paul’s match at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi. While he failed to win the WWE Universal Championship, he did put on quite a show.

With that said, his brother Jake also got involved that night, too. So, what does the Beast Incarnate think of the Paul brothers?

Brock Lesnar Proud Of The Pauls

Jake Paul published a vlog recently, highlighting his WWE Crown Jewel experience. Brock Lensar is seen during the video, talking to Jake before his big match.

MJF Conor McGregor Fight

Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

Lesnar notes during the video that he’s “proud” of what the Paul brothers have done. Logan admits to Brock during a segment that he’s “a little” nervous because he’s never done this.

Lesnar replies that he’s “excited” for the brothers, and he has followed them. He also adds he’s “proud” of them, and that they’ve done “well”.

High Praise From One Of The GOATs

Brock Lesnar is a man of very few words when he’s backstage at a WWE event, so it’s nice he took the time to praise the Paul brothers the way he did. It’s also interesting that he’s a fan of them.

Both men put out quite the performance. Sadly, Logan suffered multiple injuries during the match.

These will likely keep him out of action until WrestleMania 39. With that said, who will Logan Paul face on the Grandest Stage of Them All?

Only time will tell. In the meantime, Paul can bask in the glory of a solid rub from a 10-time WWE Champion and one of the GOATs.

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