kevin owens injury worse
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

There are whispers that the Kevin Owens injury could be worse than initially expected. Plus, injured Superstar Logan Paul challenges John Cena to a very big match.

Kevin Owens Injury Worse

The news wasn’t great coming out of the weekend, but it wasn’t horrible. But now, is there a possibility that the Kevin Owens injury is worse than initially feared?

Coming out of the live event, fan reports noted that Owens landed awkwardly. Some speculated he tweaked his knee or his ankle.

He had to be helped to the back by an official, but that was that.

Initial reports indicated that Owens did indeed injure his knee, and that the injury was an MCL sprain.

Not the best news, but not as bad as it could have been, either.

However, the Wrestling Observer has a bit of a different spin, and it makes it seem the Kevin Owens injury could be worse.

Specifically, the report indicates that the MCL sprain isn’t confirmed, but is currently the best-case scenario. 

kevin owens injury worse

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

There are apparently some who are fearing a more catastrophic knee injury for the RAW Superstar.

If it ends up being something along the lines of a tear, then surgery and rehab are required.

In that instance, it could be, best case six to nine months before Kevin Owens wrestles again.

Thus far, we don’t have anything concrete to go on. While many signs point to the sprain, let’s hope that is all it is.

In either case, Owens is likely out of his unannounced spot in the men’s WarGames match, among other plans.

Logan Paul Challenges John Cena

Now things get really interesting. Logan Paul challenges John Cena to a match at WrestleMania.

This big one is notable for a couple reasons.

First and foremost…Logan Paul is reportedly injured, suffering a pretty significant leg injury during his match at Crown Jewel.

Given the extent of his injury…he shouldn’t be available for WrestleMania next April.

Or, if somehow he was available, it would be an extremely remarkable recovery. 

The injury he himself reported having suffered generally takes six to nine months to recover from.

Is it possible? Maybe. 

kevin owens injury worse

source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

Crown Jewel was November 5th. WrestleMania is April 1st and 2nd, 2023.

Or…very nearly six months on the nose.

We’ve also heard that John Cena is aiming to be on next year’s WrestleMania card.

Now, according to his own show, Logan Paul wants a shot at John Cena.

That he is talking about it now, after Crown Jewel, referring to next year’s big show?

It seems likely that his injury was not as catastrophic as he initially indicated. 

While there could indeed be some significant injury, my guess is if he is out there lobbying for such a massive match, he is confident he will be available.

And, on such a grand stage, where WWE covets big name matches? Logan Paul versus John Cena would be pretty attractive.

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