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After an eventful weekend and a big turn, what’s next for MJFA and William Regal? And in other news, WWE signs a reality television star, and it’s not who you might think.

What Next For MJF And Regal

By now you probably know that there is a new AEW World Champion, and Moxley lost a confidant. So what’s next for MJF and William Regal following Full Gear?

MJF, one of the fastest rising stars in all of professional wrestling, grabbed the title at Full Gear.

He had help, of course.

William Regal, formerly the kingpin of the Blackpool Combat Club, tossed brass knuckles to MJF in the late stages of the bout.

Maxwell used those to his advantage, striking Moxley and pinning him to become the new AEW World Champion.

According to the Wrestling Observer, MJF and Regal will be the top heel duo moving forward.

After Full Gear, that seemed pretty obvious.

Per the report, if you missed the signs, you can look back over recent weeks and see the hints.

Some fans caught on before the turn.

The decision to have Regal turn on Mox and aid MJF was a Tony Khan decision.

He wants to set up Regal and MJF to be similar to another former heel duo: Don Callis and Kenny Omega.

next for mjf regal

source: @drainbamager, twitter, screenshot

As much as fans might have enjoyed Regal with Moxley, this move does make sense.

For one thing, Regal-most recently a face in AEW and NXT-has done some exceptional work as a heel in his career.

And, for another…MJF needed something, in my opinion, to solidify him as a top heel.

Yes, he talks the heel game, but remember back to his return? He was getting strong cheers.

This move, and the plans moving forward, should solidify him as the company’s top heel.

WWE Signs Reality Star

The company has a history of signing some talent from unlikely places. Now, WWE signs another reality star.

And this one? It’s probably not someone you would have expected.

However, given her background and talent…the move does make a ton of sense.

Butler was a star on the Netflix reality series “Cheer”.

She was drawn to WWE, and the company signs the reality star to a deal.

The competitive cheerleader noted that her time at Navarro College was done, but she holds two more years of eligibility.

She could still perform in college while under WWE contract-not unlike what Gable Steveson has done.

Though, from her interview in People, she seems to be taking on the new challenge head on.

Butler will get started at the Performance Center.

next for mjf regal

source: @wonf4w,twitter, screenshot

She was won over by WWE while attending SummerSlam. In an interesting comparison, she felt like the show was similar to competitive cheer, just with more violence.

Butler is not the first talented athlete without a wrestling background to head to the Performance Center.

WWE has made it a point to be open to signing talented athletes, harnessing their skills and training them to be Superstars.

And, the company already has some Superstars with a cheer background. No, not Dolph.

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