top superstar possibly injured
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

He’s been off TV but working live shows, and now a top Superstar possibly got injured over the weekend. Plus, Rey Mysterio is reportedly banged up too.

Top Superstar Possibly Injured

Reports emerged late Sunday and early Monday that a top Superstar possibly was injured during a live show on Sunday.

We have not seen Kevin Owens on RAW in a couple months. While he’s been off television, he’s remained on the live shows.

Now, during a match with Austin Theory over the weekend, the top RAW Superstar possibly got himself injured.

Here is the news, from a fan in attendance:

Fan reports noted that Owens limped to the back with the help of an official.

While he defeated Theory, the possible injury is the bigger concern.

top superstar possibly injured

source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

We don’t know why Owens has been kept off of television, all while working house shows. However, given what transpired on Sunday…he might be missing those now too.

So it looks like “only” a sprain…but with WarGames less than two weeks out…this probably means he won’t be working that match.

Rey Mysterio Banged Up Too

Speaking of injured Superstars, Rey Mysterio is said to be banged up too.

Mysterio was originally expected to be in the SmackDown World Cup tournament that kicked off on Friday.

Instead, he was replaced in the tournament by Mustafa Ali.

According to the Observer, Mysterio is dealing with a minor foot or ankle injury.

He was seen in Indianapolis on Friday wearing a walking boot, but did not appear on the show.

From the report, it sounds like WWE officials are hopeful that Mysterio’s injury would be a short-term one.

top superstar possibly injured

source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

If so, they expect him back in a matter of a few weeks.

That is likely a diagnosis that WWE officials would love to have for Kevin Owens too, if indeed there’s more to his story.

For Rey Mysterio, the injury timing probably wasn’t too bad. It appears as though his feud with Judgement Day had concluded for now.

The lucha legend, in order to distance himself from his son, switched over to the blue brand not long ago.

While he did have an Intercontinental Championship match prior to Crown Jewel, he’s yet to kick off a big new program on his new show.

There’s never a good time for an injury, but at least Mysterio was not in the midst of a hot feud.


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