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WWE Wanted Paige As GM, More NXT Variants Coming

While Saraya is All Elite, WWE wanted Paige to return as GM. Plus, are more NXT variants really coming to fans around the world?

Though she ended up heading to AEW, WWE wanted Paige back as their GM…and perhaps more. Plus, are more NXT variants coming?

WWE Wanted Paige As GM

Just a few weeks ago, Saraya arrived in AEW…but WWE wanted Paige back as their GM…and maybe more.

While widely known as Paige when with WWE, she was introduced by her real name-Saraya-for her AEW debut.

Her WWE contract had expired earlier in 2022, and she took the chance as a free agent to find a new home.

In some ways, a fresh start for the former Divas Champion made sense.

While in WWE, she had her share of issues. There was a controversial video leak, and of course her health issues that ultimately shortened her in-ring career.

Except, she is now cleared and getting involved in AEW.

Now, per Fightful, we know how interested WWE was.

Specifically, WWE wanted Paige back as GM, a role she had served for them before.

wwe wanted paige gm
source: @shopeaew, twitter, screenshot

It was believed that, after a stint as the general manager, provided all medical checks were passed, that Paige could once again get back in the ring.

Her efforts to come back were no secret. She was inspired by, among others, Hall of Famer Edge with his big Rumble return a few years ago.

It was noted that Triple H definitely wanted her back, and was surprised that her last WWE contract was allowed to lapse.

However, it did indeed expire, and now Saraya is All Elite.

An interesting note in all this? If WWE was interested in bringing back Paige to serve as an on-air GM…was that a role they just had in mind for her?

Or does that mean that we may indeed be getting a return to an on-air authority figure, beyond what Adam Pierce had been handling?

More NXT Variants Coming

It’s been an interesting few months for the third WWE brand, but it seems more NXT variants are coming next year.

The news comes via the man running NXT in Orlando, Shawn Michaels.

HBK was asked, after Halloween Havoc, about NXT’s expansion plans.

We already know that NXT UK is gone, but NXT Europe is taking it’s place for 2023.

So, after that is re-launched, what’s next…if anything?

According to Michaels, WWE still has other NXT variants coming, if all goes well.

wwe wanted paige gm
source: @wwenxt, twitter, screenshot

Specifically, the Hall of Famer mentioned NXT Japan and NXT Mexico.

Now, this is not the first time an NXT brand was floated for Asia. However, the last effort appeared to have died a quiet death during the pandemic.

Apparently, plans, whether new or revived, are in play.

Both markets are, of course, rich with wrestling talent and tradition. It makes sense for WWE to want to break into both markets with a homegrown product.

That said, both regions already have established promotions, so it may be a tough challenge.

While they both totally make sense, in some way I am surprised that an NXT India was not among the early options.

WWE has long recognized that market to be massive and full of untapped potential, both in terms of talent and business.

We know the company is willing to expand the NXT brand, so we shall see what the future holds.

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