Update On Saraya’s AEW Contract, Goldberg – No More Matches

Update Saraya's AEW Contract
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Saraya’s officially All Elite. Her debut during Dynamite’s Grand Slam last week sent a major buzz all throughout the land of professional wrestling. Now, a new report provides an update on her role and AEW contract.

Update On Saraya’s AEW Contract

According to Fightful, Saraya, formerly known as Paige in the WWE, has inked a three-year deal with AEW. At this time, it’s not clear if option years were included in this contract, which is a stipulation that often is placed on deals within the company.

In addition, the report states that the “amount of money” implies Saraya will be wrestling in some “capacity” with the company. This cannot be confirmed, as of this writing.

Update On Saraya’s AEW Contract & Role

Saraya cut a promo on last night’s Dynamite. She told fans how great it was to be back.

She also notes during the segment that she wants to create change in AEW’s women’s division. The promotion has already teased a program between her and Britt Baker.

Fightful reveals that AEW was interested in signing the former NXT Women’s Champion and former WWE Divas Champion back during SummerSlam Weekend. In addition, the report notes that a number of talents put in a “good word” to Tony Khan to sign her.

With that said, one AEW talent states that Saraya “didn’t need” the roster endorsements, since there was so much interest in her. Lastly, many AEW stars are very excited about her being a part of the promotion.

Over to the land of WWE, simply put, Goldberg is a wrestling legend. He’s had two incredible runs with the company, but what’s next for him?

Goldberg – No More Matches

The WWE Hall of Famer’s first run with the company lasted from 2003 to 2004. His second run started at the 2016 Survivor Series and is seemingly still going on.

Update Saraya's AEW Contract

Source: @WONf4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Or is it? A report reveals that Goldberg is not participating in WWE Crown Jewel this November.

He recently chats about his WWE contract status on The Bump. Goldberg states that he doesn’t have any more matches left on his deal.

He also notes he still does need to give Roman Reigns a receipt for the “choke-out” in Saudi. However, he states he believes there are a number of WWE stars that could dethrone the Tribal Chief.

Goldberg Has Had Quite The WWE Career

During Golberg’s first run with the company, he scored the World Heavyweight Championship. The icon’s second run has been highly successful, as well.

He’s participated in 12 matches in total since his return in 2016. Seven of those bouts were for either the WWE title or Universal Championship.

Goldberg also scored two Universal title runs during this time. He was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2018.

In addition, Goldberg has the bragging rights for wins over both Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley. These are two superstars who don’t generally lose to just “anyone”.

While there are no matches on Goldberg’s contract as of this writing, the status of this could change, quite quickly. Only time will tell.