randy orton ever returning
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We’ve not seen the Viper for quite a while…now some are wondering…is Randy Orton ever returning to WWE? Plus, after his draw-out, well-done return, what is Bray Wyatt’s official SmackDown status?

Is Randy Orton Ever Returning

We have not seen him in the ring in months, and now some are wondering…is Randy Orton ever returning to WWE?

Orton has been out of action due to a serious back injury. There have been rumblings that the injury was more serious than initially thought.

Shortly after Orton was put on the shelf, there were whispers that his injury could keep him out of action until 2023.

Now, at least one fellow Superstar is openly asking…is Randy Orton ever returning?

Kofi Kingston was having a chat with NBC Sports in Boston.

One question posed? Who would Kingston want on his ideal team.

His answer was surprising, for a couple reasons.

With chatter about a possible WWE version of a trios championship, they asked about ideal team members.

Considering that he has been riding alongside two major Superstars, you’d expect Xavier Woods and Big E would be the choices.

You’d never expect someone other than those, except of course for the fact that Big E is months away from even being cleared for in-ring activity.

So, who did Kingston mention? Randy Orton.

randy orton ever returning

source: @cena_era, twitter, screenshot

With a caveat.

Specifically, Kingston said he’d love Orton as a team member…but he didn’t even know if Orton was ever coming back.

Considering the rumblings of the injury severity, coupled with Orton’s storied career…you could see why he might not come back.

What does he come back for?

He has done just about everything there is to be done. So, from an accomplishments perspective…not much may motivate him.

Unless he somehow got assurances of a couple more WWE title runs to break Flair’s record?

Failing that unlikely promise, back injuries are no joke. For a man who’s finisher has him landing on his back constantly…if it is that bad, there may be long term considerations.

Some will expect Orton to be a surprise in next year’s Rumble. Others hope to see him even sooner.

Bray Wyatt’s SmackDown Status

After a prolonged and wonderful build, he is back in WWE…so what is Bray Wyatt’s official SmackDown status?

According to PWInsider, just that fast, Wyatt is listed as the blue brand’s #1 babyface. In case you were curious, 2nd in line is Drew McIntyre.

Honestly, this is not all that shocking. Fans have been clamoring for Bray Wyatt basically since his release.

The pop he got when he returned at Extreme Rules might have been louder than when Cody Rhodes arrived at this year’s WrestleMania.

And…’Mania had a lot more people.

So, it is mostly not surprising to hear that Wyatt is now positioned as the blue brand’s top face.

randy orton ever returning

source: @wrestleops, twitter, screenshot

McIntyre has had a nice run as one of the top faces for WWE, and you just cannot deny Wyatt’s popularity.

It is surprising in one sense though. His vignettes prior to his reveal, and even since?

Not exactly the stereotypical face content, is it? Quite dark and in some instances, a bit bizarre or creepy.

Fans love it though, and WWE will be pushing him accordingly.

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