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Sadly, Randy Orton is currently out of action with an injury that could take some time for him to recover from. In fact, he may be out for the rest of the year. His RK-Bro partner, Matt Riddle, recently offered an update.

Matt Riddle Offers Randy Orton Update

Recently, Riddle talked with ProSieben MAXX, on Instagram. Matt provided an update on Orton’s recovery.


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Riddle notes he can’t say when his partner will be back in that squared circle. However, he did say The Viper was in “good spirits”.

More On Matt Riddle/Randy Orton Injury Update

Matt also says that “hopefully” Randy will be back “sooner rather than later”. He also states he can’t give more of an update, as he’s not a doctor.

Randy Orton is undeniably a future WWE Hall of Famer. At the age of 42, his career may be winding down, but there are likely still many years of wrestling within this incredible superstar.

Speaking of incredible superstars, Brodie Lee was not only an amazing wrestler but a great human being. He passed away on December 26, 2020, of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

After his passing, AEW did an incredible tribute show. Recently, his wife Amanda Huber spoke with Men’s Health defending the company against those who believe they exploited his death.

Brodie Lee’s Wife Defends 

Huber notes within the interview that Brodie would not have been keen on his son, Brodie Lee Jr., starting wrestling so soon. However, BLJ states that he thinks his dad would be happy if he could see how happy wrestling makes him.

Matt Riddle Randy Orton

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Amanda also adds that while Brodie may have “hated it”, deep down inside his heart he would be “over the moon” that BLJ was wrestling. She also addresses fans who felt as if AEW exploited Brodie Lee’s death.

She states she feels like they (AEW) didn’t exploit or take advantage of the family. She believes the company showed such “grace” and “kindness.

She goes on to say that she’s always felt like everything has been done with nothing but love in mind. Huber notes that people tend to be pessimistic and skeptical, assuming things are done with sinister intentions.

She also acknowledges that everybody may do things differently. However, she’s doing her best and trying.

Lastly, Amanda notes there’s a good chance she may screw something up along the way. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect.

Brodie Lee Jr. Believes His Dad Wants Him To Be Happy

BLJ also spoke more during the interview, stating that if his dad were here, he would change his mind about him starting wrestling. Brodie Lee Jr. notes that his father would want him to be happy.

The youngster also says that (being involved in wrestling) helps him because he feels like he’s “carrying” his dad’s legacy. He also notes that he does it because he loves it, and his father did it.

Brodie Lee had a stellar wrestling career that spanned 17 years, until his untimely passing. He worked for many different promotions, including AEW and WWE.

During his time with the WWE, he became Intercontinental Champion, SmackDown Tag Team Champion (twice), and NXT Tag Team Champion. While with the AEW, he scored the TNT Championship.

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