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Another Backstage AEW Issue, Is Company Losing More Talent?

Shocking as it may seem, we are learning of yet another backstage AEW issue. Plus, is the company losing more talent?

As crazy as it seems, we have another backstage AEW issue to discuss. Plus, with all the issues and chaos, is the company losing more talent?

Another Backstage AEW Issue

Believe it or not…we’ve heard of yet another backstage AEW issue happening recently.

Makes you wonder what is going on over there, doesn’t it?

Either the talent is at each other’s throats…or WWE has similar issues and just manages things much better.

I am inclined to think it is the first, not the second.

Whats worse is the talent involved took things to social media, so now the whole world is clued in to the fun now.

This time around, the backstage AEW issue is between Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara.

Andrade has been rumored to want out…and Sammy has had heat before.

another aew backstage issue
source: @ProWFinesse, twitter, screenshot

Here’s Jose the Assistant:

And Andrade himself…

With Sammy chiming in, and not looking great doing so (warning, language).

The short version? Sammy didn’t like how hard Andrade hit him in the ring, complained about it, and looks like…well…yep.

In a fight, I’d have my money on Andrade. But, reading the messages, Andrade points out that he wouldn’t go there, because he’s a professional.

Regardless, it is another case of AEW stars airing very dirty laundry. Like, Sammy taking shots at Andrade, alleging he wants to go back to WWE.

If AEW had strong leadership, someone would tell both men to lay off the social media. But, AEW clearly lacks leadership, and someone there likely thinks that this Twitter spat will drive ratings.

Is Company Losing More Talent?

Speaking of AEW, is the company losing more talent?

We’ve recently seen Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews exit…or did they?

Andrade allegedly wants out. Other former WWE Superstars are certainly eying a return more favorably than ever before.

The latest? Well it could be Shawn Spears, otherwise known as Tye Dillinger.

Spears posted a goodbye GIF to Twitter, in a post he later deleted.

another aew backstage issue
source: @ProWFinesse, twitter, screenshot

And, in what is becoming a theme today…Sammy Guevara responded to the now removed tweet…

Which goes to my point of…someone in AEW needs to get people under control. Or, one person in particular.

That said, Spears never amounted to much in AEW. He came in early and never was able to rise to the top…and then there was a big influx of talent.

It’s possible that his contract is expiring, as opposed to being under contract and wanting out. Thus far, there isn’t much else to go on, so stay tuned.

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