Is Andrade Next To Leave AEW, Do Dudley Boyz Have Issues

Andrade next to leave
source: @andradeelidolo, twitter, screenshot

In what is an almost daily question, is Andrade El Idolo next to leave AEW? And do WWE Hall of Famers the Dudley Boyz have issues?

Is Andrade Next To Leave AEW

We have seen a few already leave in recent weeks, but is Andrade El Idolo the next star to leave AEW and head back to WWE?

It has already been reported that WWE allegedly reached out to AEW talent under contract with Tony Khan.

Khan, for his part, flipped out and told WWE to leave his stars alone. Even though many suspect Khan did similar things with current AEW talent like Jon Moxley, while Mox was in WWE.

We’ve already seen two stars end their time with AEW.Malakai Black was granted his release not that long ago, and Buddy Matthews confirmed the same over the weekend.

It is believed that both men were among those former WWE Superstars whom the company contacted over the summer.

One name who is not leaving, if we believe him, is Miro. In the report shooting down that rumor, it was indicated that the only AEW talent entertaining WWE’s overtures are those with significant others in the company.

So…is Andrade the next to leave AEW?

Andrade next to leave

source: @andradeelidolo, twitter, screenshot

As talented as he is, he has not done anything more than what he had done in WWE. 

He was misused on the main roster, but excelled on NXT, under the guidance of…Triple H.

And, to the point earlier…Andrade is married to current WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair.

So, when Andrade posted this tweet, it got people wondering if he is the next to leave.

A simple hourglass…is he now just watching the time run out until his contract expires?

Or, is he merely a fan of Karrion Kross?

Given the improved atmosphere in WWE, it is entirely possible that Andrade is interested.

Or, given how the tweet said very little…it is also possible it had nothing to do with that at all.

Do Dudley Boyz Have Issues

We have not seen the pair together in some time, leading fans to ask…do the Dudley Boyz have issues?

Like, could one of the most decorated tag teams in history have heat between them?

D-Von Dudley was asked that on a recent podcast appearance, and he put this rumor to rest.

As the multi-time tag champ noted, the duo needed a break.

He recalls that, several years back, WWE wanted to re-sign the team, but the two didn’t find the terms and timing to be agreeable.

Bubba wanted to do things that he could not do if under contract. D-Von, however, was inclined to conclude his WWE career.

andrade next to leave

source: @ecwremastered, twitter, screenshot

So, the pair simply took a break. After a couple decades of touring the globe, it’s understandable that they needed time away.

Now, the pair have linked back up, as D-Von noted they were doing some autograph signings together.

It sounds less like a falling out, and more a matter of both needing to do their own thing.

After so many insane tag matches around the world, needing a break is certainly understandable.