Tony khan roh plan
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In a bit of a surprise for what can only be called a major purchase…Tony Khan didn’t have a ROH plan in place when he bought the promotion. And, with House of Black losing membership, is Brody King leaving AEW?

Tony Khan Didn’t Have ROH Plan

This is a bit surprising (maybe?), but it seems Tony Khan didn’t have a ROH plan in place when he bought the promotion.

OK, considering who it is, maybe it isn’t a shock that Tony Khan didn’t have a plan for ROH when he bought it.

And, thus far, whatever plan Tony Khan might have for ROH is, quite honestly, slow to come together.

Now, in Tony Khan’s defense, I do understand why he jumped at the chance to buy the independent promotion.

Those kinds of chances don’t come along that often, for one.

For another, the ROH tape library covers the early years of many top stars, in AEW and WWE.

Considering that AEW is still relatively new, the chance to grab such a desirable promotion and that tape library happened to be a no-brainer.

Tony khan roh plan

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

So, I get why Khan had no plan. Or at least, no major business plan for ROH, as was detailed by the Observer.

Surely Khan and AEW are working on a plan to bring ROH back, with it’s own TV show and all.

In the meantime, adding the ROH library to the AEW umbrella helps increase the value in any broadcast deals.

And, Khan has at least been using some ROH titles on AEW shows, so those belts aren’t collecting dust.

Still, when you consider that Chris Jericho is the current ROH World Champion…it does make you wonder what kind of plan, if any, Tony Khan has for ROH.

Is Brody King Leaving AEW

In recent weeks, it seems like the House of Black has been falling apart…so is Brody King leaving AEW next?

Now, I say it seems…because there are still conflicting reports that both Malakai Black and Buddy Matthews have (or have not been) released from AEW.

Black himself took to social media to dispel the chatter, basically stating he’s taking time off, not leaving AEW.

Matthews talked about time off over the weekend as well, so it seems neither star is leaving AEW.

Even if they were contacted by WWE…

Tony khan roh plan

source: @brodyxking, twitter, screenshot

So, whether released or on a long vacation, what about Brody King?

Well, King took to social media to let fans know what his own plans were.


Regardless of what is going on with Black and Matthews, at least one member of the House of Black will be sticking around.

Some fans might be dreaming of some AEW stars coming back to WWE. However, it seems that perhaps the House of Black isn’t done there yet.

No matter what, at least one of the stable’s members will be staying put.

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