buddy matthews leaving aew
source: @seanrosssapp, twitter, screenshot

Another day, another star gone, now Buddy Matthews is apparently leaving AEW. Also, could Miro want to head back to WWE?

Buddy Matthews Leaving AEW

It’s not been a good month for the House of Black, as now it seems like Buddy Matthews is leaving AEW.

There is some question as to what that means, and there have been a few reports surrounding Matthews and his future.

For starters, remember a month or so back when it was reported that AEW accused WWE of tampering?

According to speculation by the Observer, they believe Matthews-a former WWE Superstar-to be one of several AEW stars that were contacted.

Until or unless Matthews himself confirms as much, that seems to be just speculation, but it’s something.

Now, we are hearing, via Fightful, that AEW Grand Slam was indeed the last AEW match for Matthews.

The question though is…for how long?

Matthews spoke at an independent show and indicated that things for the House of Black were at best on hiatus.

Now, there is a lot going on here.

If WWE did indeed contact Matthews, was that a factor in his AEW exit?

buddy matthews leaving aew

source: @seanrosssapp, twitter, screenshot

While some talent WWE reportedly contacted is no shock (names like Keith Lee and Adam Cole), Matthews is a bit more of a surprise.

However, given his comments, it sounds less like someone looking for a new home fast. Instead, it sounds like he could legitimately be needing some time away.

Now, where that does get fuzzy for me? If all either man needed was a mental health break of some unknown length, why didn’t Tony Khan keep them on the payroll?

Could Miro Head To WWE?

With so many former Superstars coming back home…could Miro head back to WWE too?

At this point, it seems like that is a no.

It is unclear if Miro might have been contacted by WWE over the summer.

Whether he was or not, per the Observer, he is not going anywhere anytime soon.

The interesting line there is that “it’s only stars with significant others in WWE who have interest in returning”.

buddy matthews leaving aew

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

If that is indeed true, does that mean we might see Andrade heading back? He’s now married to Charlotte Flair.

Or, does that confirm Malakai Black to WWE? Because Black is married to Zelina Vega.

But, this may not be the best theory either. The Bella Twins are still under WWE contract, but by all accounts, Bryan Danielson isn’t going anywhere.