will nxt be rebooted
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With changes coming thanks to Triple H’s promotion, will NXT be rebooted again too? And, following his bloody bout on Sunday, what is the health of Ric Flair after his last match?

Will NXT Be Rebooted Again

Fans are hoping for a lot of changes thanks to the promotion of Triple H. One thing we are all curious about: will NXT be rebooted yet again?

It’s a fair question, considering what is going on and what has transpired over the last year and change.

In case you’ve forgotten, let’s do a recap.

Way back when, NXT aired on Wednesday nights. At the beginning, this was a taped hour.

Then, with USA Network wanting more content, it expanded to a two hour live show. This show wound up going head to head with the brand-new AEW Dynamite.

will nxt be rebooted

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It was looked at as a 21st century version of the Monday Night Wars, but on Wednesdays...and NXT lost.

Through various reports, Vince put the blame on Hunter, even though it wasn’t really worth worrying about, not a like for like comparison.

Then Hunter had his health scare, and with time away, we saw new faces calling the shots in NXT. Many of Hunter’s top stars were released, and this ultimately led us to the NXT 2.0 reboot.

Now, Vince is gone, thanks to his numerous scandals. Triple H is in charge of all creative…which means he has power to fix what Vince broke in the WWE developmental promotion.

According to the Wrestling Observer, that seems likely, to some extent or other.

Per the report, NXT may now be open to bringing in the more established independent stars that have been passed over in the last year.

It seems a revamped NXT will take a fresh (old) look at what talent to bring in. Perhaps we see them ditch the way-too-colorful 2.0 graphics, too?

If the last few shows, including SummerSlam, were any indication…change is in the air, and fans have good reason to be excited.

Health Of Ric Flair After Last Match

Fans of wrestling know that Sunday night was a big one for the Nature Boy…so what is the health of Ric Flair after his last match?

And, mind you, I hesitate to say “last match”. Even though that was the name of the show and the intent of it…how many other retirement or final matches has Flair had?

Still, this one truly seems to be Flair’s last match, and in Flair fashion, he left the ring bloody.

Also, as a 73 year old man, taking even a few bumps, there were concerns for his health following the match.

According to PWInsider, Flair had doctors waiting to evaluate him following the match.

will nxt be rebooted

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While the Hall of Famer was clearly bloodied and winded, he was in otherwise good health.

Flair himself noted that he was hungry and planned to go out to Kid Rock’s bar in Nashville and party it up.

While he clearly looked his age in the ring on Sunday night, he made it through the match. Perhaps now he can finally ride off into the sunset.