MJF Big Money
Source: AEW, Twitter, Screenshot

Since returning, MJF is now making big money. And, several AEW wrestlers have apparently asked for their release and WWE is also aware.

MJF Making Big Money

In the early days on AEW, there were plenty of names people were not familiar with. MFJ has been around, but now he is on  TV every week.

There was a time when it appeared MJF and AEW were on the outs. MJF was squashed by Wardlow and there were reports he wanted more money or out of his deal.

So, come All Out, MJF appeared at the end of the pay per view. He came out with the poker chip for a future title shot right after CM Punk won the World Championship.

The idea was MJF would challenge Punk for the title. That match is definitely not happening anytime soon.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they noted how MJF  took home an extra $1 million per year.

“MJF did an interview with Ariel Helwani to promote the Arthur Ashe Stadium show,” the report stated. “He said that he got a huge raise in pay to return (based on things we heard it’s was more than $1 million per year) and claimed he did not have to sign an extension and his contract expires on January 1, 2024.”

If that is true, it would make MJF one the richest wrestlers on the roster. Others probably make close, but they joined with plenty of exposure.

Several AEW Wrestlers Ask For Release

MJF Big Money

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

At one point, everybody seemed interested in working for AEW. Although, that mood seems to have changed.

Many are still looking at what transpired after All Out. Of course, we all know what CM Punk did.

Punks ripped apart AEW, even mocking the EVPs as Tony Khan just sat there. In the back, a huge melee broke out that also featured The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

All the names listed are still suspended. AEW has a third party investing the matter and someone is likely getting fired.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer mentioned how wrestlers are asking for their release.

Malakai Black made the request and AEW granted it. His matter might be more of a mental health issue.

Since the story broke, FTR and Miro have also been mentioned. There is even speculation WWE has sent out feelers to these wrestlers.

FTR have a ton of gold, but they rarely appear on TV. Also, the same goes for Miro who has barely been used in recent months.

Khan made a point that he wants WWE not speaking to his talent while under an AEW contract. But, he probably did the same with Jeff Hardy and other wrestlers who came directly from WWE.