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Plans For Logan Paul & Roman Reigns, Where Is Ezekiel?

The heat between them is going somewhere, so what are the plans for Logan Paul & Roman Reigns? Plus where is Ezekiel?

After the events of the last week or so, what are the plans for Logan Paul & Roman Reigns? And where is Ezekiel?

Plans For Logan Paul & Roman Reigns

Shots have been fired between the two huge stars, so what are the plans for Logan Paul & Roman Reigns?

Well, the appearance of Logan Paul on SmackDown made things a bit more clear...and left us with a teaser too.

Logan Paul issued a challenge, or intimated as much, at the start of Friday’s SmackDown.

Paul noted that he will be in Las Vegas today for a press conference, and he effectively dared the Tribal Chief to show up.

According to PWInsider, this is all moving toward a bout between Logan Paul & Roman Reigns.

Specifically, the plans look like we will see Paul and Reigns battle at Crown Jewel.

It does not necessarily surprise, and yet at the same time, it kind of does.

For one thing, Logan Paul is a global superstar. On the other side of things, Roman Reigns is on a historic WWE run.

Putting them together should attract eyeballs.

However, on the other hand, it does surprise somewhat.

After all, as talented as Logan Paul may be, he has only had a few matches in WWE.

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We do not often see a Superstar come in, wrestle very little and then find themselves in a world championship match.

There could be a risk (perhaps) of some Superstars not being too tickled by a special attraction getting what is clearly a not-so-deserved match.

However…this would be at Crown Jewel, and we’ve heard that the Saudi money does work magic.

It is entirely possible that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia threw a big chunk of money at all involved to make that match happen later this year.

Things might very well be officially official this weekend.

Where Is Ezekiel?

It wasn’t that long ago that we saw Kevin Owens effectively destroy this Superstar…so where is Ezekiel, and when might we see him back?

According to PWInsider…we may not see him back again.

As we witnessed Kevin Owens unleash fury on Ezekiel, I even asked in a Nutshell if perhaps we would see Zeke written off completely, allowing Elias to return.

Per the report, it does indeed seem that is the case.

Specifically, Ezekiel is no longer listed on the internal WWE roster.

However, who is?

His older brother, Elias.

logan paul roman reigns
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It seems that Triple H and the fixed WWE creative team enjoyed a last little bit of fun with Ezekiel, but realized it had run it’s course.

While there was no mention yet of a return, it may be imminent.

WWE has been bringing back plenty of former Superstars. If not bringing them back, they’ve also been giving existing Superstars their old names back.

So, while some fans might have enjoyed speaking with Zeke…they’ve probably missed Walking With Elias a lot more.

That is what creative is banking on, and we may get that sooner than not.

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