nxt teases major refresh
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Many fans have been hoping for it, and as the show went off air on Tuesday, NXT teases a major refresh. Plus, there is a slight update on the AEW suspensions.

NXT Teases Major Refresh

Ever since Triple H got his long-desired promotion, fans have been hoping for a major change to his former pride and joy. Now, NXT teases a major refresh at the close of the NXT 2.0 anniversary show.

Check the teaser video here:

So, a couple things to take away from this, which closed the anniversary show.

It would indeed be a major refresh for the former black and gold brand.

Looking at what was shown, and what was narrated by Shawn Michaels.

The redone logo from NXT 2.0 remains, but gone is the rainbow scheme.

Instead, we see a return to the black and gold, and the 2.0 is gone.

Plus, as HBK said during his voice over, “we are always NXT”. Or something to that effect.

nxt teases major refresh

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

With the NXT tease of a major refresh, fans were understandably pretty please.

Arguably, the black and gold edition was some of the best television WWE had produced in the last ten years.

Many saw the change from NXT to NXT 2.0 as an unwise move that Vince McMahon pushed for out of spite.

It sounds on brand for Vince, but that is purely speculation.

What has since come out is that Triple H was not a huge fan of all the changes that NXT 2.0 brought in.

Now, it seems we are starting to see more and more undone. Can’t help but wonder now if we might see a return to Full Sail or a similar setting.

Update On AEW Suspensions

We all know quite a few stars are on an extended time away. Now, we have a minor update on the AEW suspensions.

More specifically, according to sources, is that the suspended stars still do not have any concrete idea of how long their suspensions will run.

This is also of note because some suspended stars are currently in Japan, including Kenny Omega.

nxt teases major refresh

source: @missjoantaylor, twitter, screenshot

Per the report, Omega and others working dates in Japan had already planned these dates before the All Out brawl.

Meaning, suspension or not, Omega would have been missing from AEW television for a couple weeks either way.

Not unlike CM Punk, who is also believed to be suspended, but regardless of that outcome, he is on the shelf due to a pectoral tear and subsequent surgery.

The widely held belief at this point is that all suspensions are, at present, indefinite.

Until the engaged 3rd party firm investigating the incident finishes their work, it would seem logical that no one return to work.

Once the investigation is concluded, we can expect some additional clarity on length of suspensions.

Meaning, Tony Khan could decide that all stars who are not injured have served an appropriate punishment and can return immediately.

Or, depending on findings, he could hand down a longer term. For reference, Eddie Kingston was suspended two weeks for a backstage altercation recently.

That incident pales in comparison to the All Out brawl.

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