Triple H NXT 2.0
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If you ask Triple H, he is not a fan of NXT 2.0. Also, will Bobby Fish return to WWE or work somewhere else since AEW was not a good fit?

Triple H Not NXT 2.0 Fan

At one time, there was a case that NXT was the strongest brand. The claim is somewhat contested, seeing how they were almost in a developmental type system. 

Still, NXT has undergone dramatic changes. They started small and grew when Triple H was behind the brand.

Then, AEW formed and Vince McMahon wanted to change NXT. So, a bunch of talented wrestlers were released with a few going RAW or SmackDown.

What Triple H created was destroyed in a matter of weeks. Vince changed the color scheme and brought in a bunch of fresh faces.

They stood little chance against AEW. Triple H, when speaking on Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, is not a fan of NXT 2.0.

“I didn’t necessarily agree with the creative direction sometimes,” said Triple H. “That had nothing to do with Shawn [Michaels] or anything else.” 

“When I stepped away for health reasons, and there was already pressure to change the direction and change what it was, and that happened, I knew what the changes were. I don’t know that I necessarily agreed with all of them, but I do think that there were a lot of changes that happened that were extremely positive for the brand.” 

“And, I would’ve liked to have done anyways that I think a lot of people would’ve gone, ‘No way he would’ve done that.’”

As for Vince, he has retired from WWE. Basically, he was forced out of the position after hush money settlements became public knowledge.

So, Triple H gained more power.

The brand needs lots of work. It will probably happen, but take years to fix what was done.

For now, enjoy NXT 2.0.

Bobby Fish – WWE Return

Triple H NXT 2.0

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Speaking of the old version of NXT, they once had a stable called Undisputed Era and had a great run. Four members and at one point, all were champions. 

Nowadays, only Roderick Strong is left. Although, he apparently wants out.

Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly went to AEW. They were joined by Bobby Fish, but he since departed the promotion.

While talking to Steve Fall at NBC Sports Boston, Fish confirmed his desire to rejoin WWE. Also, he was happy to see Triple H back running things.

“I’m just happy for the people that I know that remained and then the people that have come back to work there,” said Fish. “I’m happy that it’s a good place to be again.”

Fish will turn 41 in October, so time inside the ring is limited. He would probably be better suited returning as a coach.

So, there is a chance Fish returns to WWE or looks for work elsewhere. He does not seem interested in going back to AEW.

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