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On the heels of his departure, Kenny Omega talks about Cody Rhodes and AEW. And now that he has arrived, we are hearing there may be some concern for Keith Lee.

Kenny Omega Talks Cody Rhodes

We have not seen him for a bit now, but he’s still paying attention. And like that, Kenny Omega talks about Cody Rhodes and his departure from AEW.

Omega, the former AEW Champion, is taking time off due to numerous injuries.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t aware of what has been going on.

Kenny Omega took time to talk with Wrestling Observer Radio, and shared his feelings about Rhodes’ departure.

On one hand, he noted that the news surprised many in the back. While everyone knows deals expire and Cody’s was up…it still was surprising.

That being said, Omega’s comments seemed to downplay one theory about Rhodes leaving. Kenny said he did not expect Cody Rhodes left over money.

kenny omega cody rhodes

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However, he did make another comment that will lend credence to a rumor that’s been out there for a while.

There have been reports that Cody Rhodes had fallen out of the influential group of founding stars. Initially, Rhodes and The Young Bucks, along with Omega, were leading the way.

Omega said that, while he had not sat and talked with Cody recently, the direction he had in mind was similar to that of the Bucks…but not at all similar with Cody’s.

That lead him to think that the current AEW product was not a fit for what Cody Rhodes wanted. However, given what Rhodes meant to AEW and it’s creation…he’d always have a spot in the company.

Concern For Keith Lee

Speaking of people coming and going from AEW…we are hearing that there are some who have concern for Keith Lee.

Specifically, the concern stems from his health.

It has been well documented that, prior to his WWE release, Lee was sidelined for a decent amount of time due to Covid and it’s after-effects.

As he was working his way back, a more concerning heart issue was observed. He eventually did get cleared, did return…and did get released.

Keith Lee arrived in AEW a couple weeks ago, looking to be in about the same shape he was in WWE.

One reported concern Vince McMahon had and wanted addressed was Lee’s fitness.

He wanted the big man to trim down and be in better shape. That didn’t happen.

Yes, Keith Lee is incredibly athletic for his size, but there is still concern.

concern for keith lee

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Wade Keller, via his PWTorch site, has echoed the concern.

Keller recently said he does not hate Lee, rather quite the opposite. However, he is reporting what he is hearing from friends of Keith Lee.

That concern for Keith Lee stems from his fitness and cardio in particular.

No one is denying Keith Lee’s abilities, but it seems like friends of his-and fans too-have concerns that his fitness could become an issue.

Still, Lee was impressive to watch when he was in NXT, where he seemed happy and well utilized.

If he is once again happy now that he is in AEW…perhaps good things will follow.

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