Io Shirai Roster Spot
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Io Shirai is willing to leave WWE if they do not give her a main roster spot. Also, will Adam Cole be headed into surgery soon?

Io Shirai Wants Main Roster Spot Or She’s Out

Despite not being on TV, Io Shirai has been making headlines. There are conflicting reports if her contract is about to expire and if she would sign a new deal.

She has expressed interest in returning to Japan and competing for Stardom. Although, being on the main roster of WWE has been a major goal. 

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer went over the situation.

“Those at NXT said last week that at the time Shirai had not signed a new contract that had been offered,” said Meltzer. “They believed she was returning to Japan and Stardom now that Stardom has stronger financial backing from Bushiroad.” 

“Those close to Stardom did not indicate she was coming back. Although, did believe she would be moving back to Japan if she wasn’t on the main roster.”

“As noted, if she lets her contract expire without renewing she could work anywhere, whether it be Japan or the U.S., immediately. Still, she disputed this report.” 

“Those who know her from Japan said she went to WWE with the goal of making the main roster and believe she would stay with a main roster deal. We haven’t heard about her signing a new deal this week after checking.”

“But, there is an offer on the table and her current deal hasn’t expired yet. And at this point, she really should be on the main roster as she’s better than most on it right now.”

It is shocking the former NXT Women’s and Tag Team Champion has not been bumped to the main roster. Her lack of English for cutting promos could be a reason.

Shirai has been off TV since about April. She is a natural in the ring and her moonsault is a thing of beauty.

Adam Cole – Surgery

Io Shirai Roster Spot

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Before sinning with AEW, Adam Cole was already dealing with numerous injuries. Then, at last month’s Forbidden Door, he added concussion to that list.

Meltzer noted how Cole is “faring better in that regard.” Still, he has a number of problems that need to heal.

The biggest might be a torn labrum. Meltzer continued how Cole has passed on surgery. Instead, he will first try physical therapy.

Cole has apparently been in lots of pain, but wanted to his Double or Nothing match against “Hangman” Adam Page. He lost and then suffered the other setback at Forbidden Door.

Tony Khan defended the decision for Cole to wrestle at the recent pay per view. He pointed how Cole did not have physical contact between Double or Nothing and Forbidden Door.

Hopefully Cole and Kenny Omega can return around the same time. The plan for a a year now has been Omega & The Young Bucks vs Cole, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish.