Will Reigns Leave Castle As Champ, WWE Wanted Tag Team Back

reigns leave castle champ
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

With the first overseas premium live event in decades happening Saturday…will Roman Reigns leave Clash at the Castle as champ? And, per reports, WWE wanted one released tag team back.

Will Reigns Leave Castle As Champ

Now that he’s held at least one title for two years consecutively, and with a big show this weekend…will Roman Reigns leave Clash at the Castle as champ?

With all due respect to the overseas fans, you would think perhaps WWE wouldn’t do such a huge change on a special show.

For one, it’s not the usual prime time weekend slot, so perhaps viewership is down.

Then again…it’s likely in a slot that is more amenable to the vast international audience.

Plus, outside of the KSA specials, which you kind of can’t count because the Saudi government pays for those…this is the first big overseas PPV-type event since SummerSlam hit Wembley in the 80s.

So…it could actually make sense that WWE would want to pull of something huge. Maybe not Brock Lesnar with a tractor huge.

But…will Reigns leave the Castle as champ…that kind of huge.

Considering how long Reigns has held the gold, it is not unreasonable to think he would drop the belts at a WrestleMania level event…and to a more rising Superstar.

However, according to WrestleVotes…there is at least some compelling chatter to make us wonder if Reigns might not leave the Castle as champ.

Now, this does not mean it would be Drew McIntyre pulling off the win, either.

Theory is waiting to cash in, and the briefcase surely could be in play.

Also, it is notable that the comment didn’t explicitly indicate both.

Surely there are some pondering how to get things back to one world title per main show. Perhaps we see things start to happen on Saturday.

reigns leave castle champ

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

And, with fans constantly hoping for another major return…who knows how Saturday will play out.

But until the show goes off air, we will wonder if Reigns will leave the Castle as champ or not.

 WWE Wanted Tag Team Back

According to reports, WWE officials wanted one released tag team back.

And, most of us would say…who doesn’t Hunter want back, now that he’s in charge?

Except, here’s where it gets interesting.

According to reports…WWE had talks about bringing the Good Brothers back.

Those talks began…and fizzled…while Vince McMahon was very much still in charge.

Per PWInsider, the talks fell apart in no small part because of how things went down between Gallows, Anderson and WWE before the duo was released.

I have to believe that, under new management, the pair might consider a return.

reigns leave castle champ

source: @global-catch, twitter, screenshot

However, it’s a big unknown.

If you recall, Anderson (and his spouse) were very outspoken about the one nightmarish trip home from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It would likely take a lot of convincing to bring them back, but having someone new running things won’t hurt.

Plus, it was recently noted that their IMPACT contracts have already expired, or will soon.