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Is WWE Calling AEW Talent, Rhodes Back In The Ring

With a change in leadership, is WWE calling AEW talent? And, a Rhodes is back in the ring in WWE...just not Cody.

We know released talent has been coming back, but is WWE calling current AEW talent? And, one Rhodes is back in the ring.

Is WWE Calling AEW Talent

We know that former Superstars are coming back…but is WWE calling AEW talent?

As in, is WWE calling AEW talent that is actively and currently under contract?

According to Fightful, that is the case.

Per the report, someone from WWE Talent Relations reached out to an AEW talent who is currently under contract.

And, as the report goes, the contact was not accidental, in that it was clear that the performer was under contract.

Once the AEW talent realized the nature of the call, it is said that they directed the WWE staffer to contact his representation (as in, their agent).

A couple thoughts about this…

One, it’s a bit of a bold and likely shady move, to contact someone under contract with another promotion.

Not saying that people don’t talk and line up their next deals, but in some professional sports, there are rules against that.

No rules here, just…shady, I would say.

Two, forgetting the shadiness of things, it is worth wondering who could have been asked.

wwe calling aew talent
source: @allelitechief, twitter, screenshot

The report does not specify who was contacted, so there’s nothing indicating that the talent was a former WWE Superstar or not.

If we assume it was a former WWE Superstar, names like Swerve Scott, Malaki Black and Miro come to mind.

Some have less time left on their contracts than others, but all are under contract.

Now, if we believe that it was not necessarily a former WWE Superstar, the immediate speculation leaps to someone like MJF.

Either way, it presents an interesting development and shows that WWE, under new leadership, is a different animal.

Unless, of course, this WWE talent staffer reached out of their own accord…if so, that would be a stunning move.

Rhodes Back In The Ring

In some exciting news, a Rhodes is back in the ring.

Just…not Cody Rhodes.


In this case, Brandi Rhodes is back in the ring, or she was for one night at least.

According to PWInsider, Brandi Rhodes wrestled at the WWE Performance Center last Friday, August 12th.

As of this moment, there is no word on who Brandi wrestled, or even why.

The Friday event was a closed Performance Center event, so outside of anyone in attendance…information is scarce.

It is said that Brandi Rhodes worked with a newer talent, but it is not known if that means someone in training, or on television already.

wwe calling aew talent
source: @brwrestling, twitter, screenshot

On top of that…we don’t even know if Brandi Rhodes has even signed a WWE contract.

While it was rumored that Cody and Brandi would be a package deal, we only know that Cody is signed.

It is entirely possible that Brandi was trying things out, to see if she wanted back in the ring.

Or, it could have been a tryout of sorts, to make sure WWE was ready to sign themselves another Rhodes.

This could be interesting to watch.

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