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Alexa Bliss Pitched “Darker” Gimmick Return, Brandi Rhodes Comeback

Alexa Bliss reveals she pitched a "darker" gimmick for her recent return. Plus, is Brandi Rhodes making an in-ring comeback?

Alexa Bliss took some time off after Extreme Rules 2021 for sinus surgery. At that event, Charlotte Flair destroyed her doll, Lily. Bliss would return with a series of vignettes centering around therapy to cope with losing Lily. Alexa recently reveals that she originally pitched a “darker” gimmick for her return.

Alexa Bliss Pitched “Darker” Gimmick Return

Bliss recently chats with Ryan Satin during Out of Character. She notes that before her return to the Elimination Chamber event, she pitched a darker gimmick.

In fact, Alexa reveals that she had been pitching a “Dark” Alexa for a very long time. As she states in the interview, it would’ve been a “different kind of therapy”, as she wanted to come back as a “different” version of the Alexa character.

As per Bliss, she wanted to go “deeper and darker” into the character. She even had Jason (Baker) sketch a prototype of a “different” Lily.

Alexa Bliss Pitched “Darker” Gimmick – But Things Change

According to Alexa, things changed, and while the character went in a different direction, she still have a lot of fun with “therapy sessions”. She notes she loves performing and acting on the scale.

Bliss also states that she did a good amount of creative control. Plus, Vince McMahon was the one who sat down and wrote everything out, bringing her return to “life”.

Alexa states she does hope that at some point, this “darker” version of her character will come out. Only time will tell.

Bliss entered the land of the WWE in 2013, debuting in NXT. She’d hop over to the main roster by joining the SmackDown brand in 2016.

Alexa hit the ground running after that. She’s been RAW Women’s Champion (three times), SmackDown Women’s Champion (twice), held the Women’s Tag Titles (twice with Nikki Cross), and was the 2018 Ms. Money in the Bank winner.

Bliss has “done it all” in the land of the WWE. It’ll be interesting to see what she does next.

Speaking of returns, Brandi Rhodes has not been in that squared circle since January of this year. Will she make a comeback anytime soon?

Brandi Rhodes Comeback

Brandi and Cody Rhodes shocked the wrestling business earlier this year when they left AEW. While Cody would return to the WWE and is now sidelined due to an injury, many still wonder if his wife Brandi will re-enter, in-ring competition.

Alexa Bliss Darker Gimmick
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Fightful’s Sean Sapp recently offered a status update on where Brandi stands. He notes that Cody’s wife remains in training, despite not having a match since early 2022.

He goes on to note that based on who he has talked to, there is a “cordial” relationship and a number of things have been discussed.

Brandi Rhodes Has Offered Hints

Ms. Rhodes has dropped hints before that she could pop up in the WWE at some point. An angle in this regard is always possible.

With that said, Brandi could be waiting for her husband to fully recover from his torn right pectoral muscle before her comeback. Maybe they return together?

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