karrion kross returns smackdown
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

It had been rumored all week, and the rumors are true: Karrion Kross returns on SmackDown. And, WWE tried filming documentary footage at Starrcast V but couldn’t make it happen.

Karrion Kross Returns On SmackDown

Now that WWE is under new management of sorts, expect us to pose this question a lot. Is another released Superstar close to coming back?

Over SummerSlam weekend, we saw things begin to change and in many ways.

The long-overdue return of Bayley was one big thing…but she was flanked by Dakota Kai, who was released earlier in 2022.

And, there are plenty of whispers that she is just the first of numerous talents who could find their way back to the company.

We had heard rumors that plenty of talent, released and otherwise, indicate that the new regime in WWE certainly has them interested.

Now, it’s one thing for a wrestler to be interested in coming to WWE, or for a released Superstar to want to come back.

The interest, of course, has to be mutual.

We found out at the close of SmackDown that the interest, in this case, was.

karrion kross returns smackdown

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

And that is what we are looking at now.

Earlier this week, some action on social media pointed to Killer Kross being quite interested in returning to WWE.

Earlier Friday, Fightful reports that his name was one of several that has been internally discussed. Some felt his return was a done deal.

By the end of SmackDown, we learned that it was, indeed, a done deal.

During the main event segment, as #1 contender Drew McIntyre approached the ring…he was cut off.

Kross’s Tron video played and Scarlett stood on stage. A new-look Karrion Kross then attacked Drew from behind.

But to be clear, Kross was doing the Tribal Chief no favors.

He looked at Reigns and pointed to his wrist, letting the champ know his time is coming up.

Not that Scarlett didn’t do the same with the hourglass.

Either way, it’s another significant return in a short span of time. And, another of Hunter’s re-hires or old NXT guard getting a new look and a big chance.

But, a big night, as Kross is back on SmackDown.

WWE Tried Filming Documentary

In addition to SummerSlam, last weekend was Starrcast V and Ric Flair’s Last Match. WWE tried filming documentary content from the Starrcast event, but failed.

To be clear, it wasn’t as though the company sent some maverick interns with camcorders to capture footage.

Rather, WWE had reached out to the event organizer, Conrad Thomson, but no deal could be reached.

That is what was reported recently via the Wrestling Observer.

It is not immediately clear what footage WWE wanted most, but there were quite a few opportunities.

Thomson was overseeing both the Starrcast fan even, as well as the Roast of Ric Flair and the Flair Last Match show.

Knowing what he had his hand in, you could figure WWE might have been interested in all of the above.

While Flair has been out of WWE for a year, and found himself basically un-hireable due to the Dark Side of the Ring coverage, perhaps WWE was interested in a Flair retrospective?

The Roast had plenty of WWE flavor, too.

Notable Starrcast panels were delivered by recently free-from-WWE talent Paige, as well as hot free agent Johnny Gargano.

another released superstar returning

source: @jjwilliamswon, twitter, screenshot

Either could have been worth some footage.

Plus, there were plenty of WWE legends and Hall of Famers present for Ric Flair’s Last Match.

So, plenty of reasons why there would be interest.

However, it seems Thomson was game, if WWE would allow him to use some WWE footage to promote his event.

WWE declined, and no deal was reached.

Of course, on the flip side, AEW and Thomson did broker a deal, which allowed footage of the event to be used on this week’s AEW programming.


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