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Did Kane Retire From WWE?, AEW Star Suffers Another ACL Tear

Since he barely wrestles, did Kane officially retire from in-ring action for WWE? And, an AEW wrestler needs surgery for another ACL tear.

Since he barely wrestles, did Kane officially retire from in-ring action for WWE? Also, an AEW wrestler needs surgery for another ACL tear.

Did Kane Retire From WWE?

One of the longest tenured wrestlers in WWE is Kane. He debuted back in 1995 and has remained an employee ever since.

Throughout the 25 plus years, fans have seen Kane portray numbers gimmicks. The most famous and longest lasting has been when he played Undertaker’s brother.

As for the past several years, Kane has barely competed. Instead, he is busy being the Mayor of Knox County.

While on The Right View with Lara Trump, Kane did not officially state that he retired from wrestling. Although, his words suggest he is mostly there to be an ambassador and not a wrestler.

“Yeah, I actually don’t do that much anymore,” said Kane. “I don’t want to get into a wrestling ring and actually get knocked down because I don’t know if I could get back up at this point.” 

Kane Recently Worked WWE SummerSlam Event

“But yes, I still do things occasionally. For instance, WWE recently had SummerSlam, which is WWE’s second biggest event of the year at Nashville at Nissan Stadium, where the Titans play.”

“I announced the attendance for the evening. It’s awesome for me to just go out and still be a part of it.”

“I mean, it’s one of the greatest shows on the planet, and that’s an experience that is unlike any other when you get out there in front of thousands of people and are just able to do something like that. I think people here think it’s really cool.” 

“Because I have folks come up to me and say, ‘Hey, I saw you doing this,’ or ‘I saw you doing that,’ or, ‘I saw you on this WWE special.’ So it really is I mean, it’s rewarding for me.”

At 55 years old, there is no need for Kane to keep wrestling. The Hall of Famer will always be part of the WWE family, but a new generation has arrived.

Also, Kane did take some slack for his stance on Roe vs Wade and gun control. The comments were not enough for WWE to punish him, but many fans were put-off by the remark.

AEW Star Suffers Another ACL Tear

Kane Retire WWE
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Kris Statlander was set to compete on AEW Dynamite last week, but that did not happen. Instead, fans learned she suffered a knee injury.

Well, the news is not good as Statlander has a completely torn ACL and lateral meniscus. And, this is not the first time she has dealt with such an injury.

In June 2020, she also suffered an ACL injury. She was out of action until returning in April 2021.

Like before, Statlander will undergo surgery and therapy. Injuries like this typically take about a year to heal.


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Someone needs to start to think about Statlander’s health as that is two similar injuries that can end careers. 

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