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NXT Superstar Contract Expiring, AEW Faction Coming To An End?

One injured NXT Superstar's contract is expiring soon, and with a recent departure, is one AEW faction coming to an end?

They have not been seen in a bit, and now we hear this NXT Superstar contract is expiring soon. Plus, following a recent departure, could one AEW faction be coming to an end?

NXT Superstar Contract Expiring

We have not seen the Genius of the Skies fly for WWE in a bit, and now there’s news that the NXT Superstar’s contract is expiring soon.

It was previously noted that Io Shirai was off of NXT and WWE television due to an injury.

There was even speculation that she had been in line for a main roster call-up, but the injury derailed those plans.

Now, there could be an additional hitch.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the NXT Superstar’s contract is expiring soon.

As in, it is expiring in the next month. By the end of summer, she could be a free agent and working elsewhere, if she wanted to do that.

It is unclear if WWE opted not to tack on time to the end of her contract due to injury. In some instances, the company has been known to do that-but not in every case.

Shirai has been exciting to watch as an NXT Superstar, so there would certainly be interest in seeing if it translated to RAW or SmackDown.

nxt superstar contract expiring
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However, she might also look at how her fellow Japanese Superstars have made out.

While Asuka dominated in NXT, her main roster run has not been as impressive. While she’s held gold, her reigns have never lasted.

Kairi Sane, on the other hand, went home to Japan with a lot of time left on her contract, finishing up as a WWE Ambassador. 

In the case of Sane, she was newly married and understandably wanted to be closer to family in Japan.

Now, with her Superstar contract expiring, will Shirai re-sign, or will she opt to return home to Japan too?

AEW Faction Coming To An End?

With their own contracts starting to expire too, could one AEW faction be coming to an end?

Arguably, the faction has been on shaky ground since it’s big leader passed away.

However, even after Brodie Lee passed away, the Dark Order carried on.

But, the faction has seen numbers dwindle. 

Alan Angels recently saw his AEW contract expire, taking one member out of the Dark Order.

nxt superstar contract expiring
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With the ranks shrinking, and without any recent notable program, it was at least safe to ask…could the AEW faction be coming to an end?

Of course, fans of AEW will know that the Dark Order was one of the first factions within the promotion, and over time, also one of it’s more popular.

Times have changed, and the future seems unclear.

Except, that is, until the founding member took to Twitter:

Simple, yet effective.

However, things can and do change on a dime. Nothing is preventing Tony Khan from never pushing the Dark Order again, and using the former members in other capacities.

For now, however, the group is not finished yet.

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