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The AEW Full Gear match between Eddie Kingston and CM Punk saw both men throw legit blows because of their past anger towards the other. Also, Kairi Sane has decided to not to re-sign with WWE.

Eddie Kingston And CM Punk Legit Fought

Eddie Kingston and CM Punk’s feud in AEW did not last long. It really was over within a matter of weeks.

Although, the short feud got plenty of people talking because of how personal it felt. In the early stages of the angle, it was reported the two have legit heat.

It stems all the way back to their Indy days. Basically, Punk made a remark to Kingston about not caring enough for the pro wrestling business. 

Well, time did not make the disdain go away. So, they fought at Full Gear with Punk keeping his perfect record intact. 

While speaking with News 12, Kingston revealed the action inside the ring was legit. 

“That wasn’t a promo as that was something we’ve both wanted to say to each other for fifteen years,” said Kingston. 

“That was fifteen years of buildup for both of us. So then you think ‘how do you follow that up with a match?’” 

“It wasn’t a match, we actually fought. I hit him, he hit me, you know what I mean?” 

“If the fans enjoy it, they enjoy it. At that point, with someone like him who I don’t like, I don’t care if people like it or not at that point.” 

“It could’ve been zero people in the audience. I was going to hit him.”

The match was great and the build was even better. While they beat each other inside the ring, they were professional enough to make sure their opponent was safe.

Both have already moved onto other angles. Kingston is working with 2.0 and Punk is having a blast with MJF.

Kairi Sane Still With WWE?

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Kairi Sane is no longer under contract with WWE according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. She is now a free agent and can compete anywhere.

The company was hoping she would re-sign, but that is not the case. She returned to Japan in 2020 with her new husband as she did not want to live in the United States.

During that time, she served as an ambassador for WWE. And, because of the pandemic, it was nearly impossible for her travel between the United States and Japan.

While in Japan, she remained busy by sometimes working the WWE Japanese commentary table. Also, she opened a 24 hour gym along with other projects outside of pro wrestling. 

Stardom wants Sane back, but no word if that will happen.

Sane won the 2017 Mae Young Classic, NXT Women’s Championship and WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship during her WWE stay.

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