Norman Lear Turns 100 And Reveals Whether Archie Bunker Would Support Trump

Norman Lear is turning 100 today, and he's just revealed if he thinks Archie Bunker from "All In The Family" would support Trump.

Norman Lear, the creator of iconic shows like “All In The Family,” “Maude,” and “Good Times,” celebrated his 100th birthday on Wednesday by penning an op-ed for The New York Times in which he gave his thoughts on what Archie Bunker would have thought about former President Donald Trump.

But first, check out a video of Lear that he posted to Twitter himself yesterday. It’s clear that even at 100, he’s still as with-it as ever! 

“Well, I made it. I am 100 years old today. I wake up every morning grateful to be alive,” the liberal Lear began in his op-ed, which he titled “On My 100th Birthday, Reflections on Archie Bunker and Donald Trump.”

“Reaching my own personal centennial is cause for a bit of reflection on my first century — and on what the next century will bring for the people and country I love,” Lear continued. “To be honest, I’m a bit worried that I may be in better shape than our democracy is.”

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Lear’s Thought On Archie Bunker And Trump

Lear went on to reveal whether or not he believes that the “All In The Family” patriarch Archie Bunker, who was a staunch conservative in the 1970s television show and was portrayed by the late Carroll O’Connor, would have been a Trump supporter.

“For all his faults, Archie loved his country and he loved his family, even when they called him out on his ignorance and bigotries,” Lear wrote. “If Archie had been around 50 years later, he probably would have watched Fox News. He probably would have been a Trump voter.”

“But I think that the sight of the American flag being used to attack Capitol Police would have sickened him,” he continued. “I hope that the resolve shown by Representatives Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), and their commitment to exposing the truth, would have won his respect.”

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Would Archie Bunker Really Turn On Trump?

It should be noted that many conservatives see Cheney and Kinzinger as Never Trump RINOs, and their Capitol hearings as nothing more than a shameless attempt to shame the millions of Americans who voted for Trump.

Given how unapologetically conservative Archie Bunker always was, we find it hard to believe that the likes of Cheney and Kinzinger would cause him to abandon his right-wing values and vote against Trump, particularly given all of the problems our country is currently facing under President Joe Biden’s leadership (or lack thereof). 

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‘Let Us Encourage One Another’

After complaining more about politics, Lear ended his op-ed with a message of gratitude and hope.

“Reaching this birthday with my health and wits mostly intact is a privilege,” he wrote. “Approaching it with loving family, friends and creative collaborators to share my days has filled me with a gratitude I can hardly express.”

“This is our century, dear reader, yours and mine,” Lear concluded. “Let us encourage one another with visions of a shared future. And let us bring all the grit and openheartedness and creative spirit we can muster to gather together and build that future.”

While we certainly do not agree with Lear’s leftwing politics, we appreciate all the unforgettable shows and characters that he has given us over the years. For that reason, we would like to wish Lear a very happy 100th birthday, and we hope that he has many more to come! 

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