Watch Archie Bunker Explain Why California Is No Place To Live

All in the family

All In The Family” was one of the most beloved shows of the 1970s. Archie Bunker was not politically correct and that’s what Americans loved about him. Many of us could relate to Archie’s unfiltered comments about the fast changing world. He was quick to let others know what he was thinking. This certainly was true when talking about Gloria and Meathead moving to California. 

There wasn’t much gray area with regards to Archie’s opinions. He had his mind made up and it wouldn’t be changed. It provided for must-see TV and drove liberals bananas.

Archie Bunker was the hero of the average man. He was relatable, fun, and hard-working. Most importantly, he loved his family and his country! 

California’s Fruits And Nuts

“Nobody normal thinks about going out to California,” Archie told Gloria. “It’s the land of fruits and nuts. Every fruit is a little nutty and every nut is a little fruity.”

While there might be some truth to Archie’s words about California, it’s obvious that he was deflecting his real concerns.

Archie had his battles with Gloria and Meathead but he loved them and he didn’t want them to move to the other side of the country. 

Archie was so desperate to keep them at home that he even brought the Pope and earthquakes into his reasoning. He didn’t want Meathead and Gloria to leave!

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You’ll get a good laugh watching the video clip below. They don’t make TV shows like “All In The Family” anymore!

Archie’s comments about California are over 40 years old, but you must just find they still ring true today.

Archie Bunker And The Subway

The opinionated patriarch had a way of delivering the news and telling a tale unlike anyone else.

He even made hearing about a subway ride was an adventure. Archie said he’d need to be put in a rubber room if he had to ride the subway for two more years. 

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He fashions the tale of his trip home dealing with a crazy man whose body was pressing up against his because it was “sardine time” and the subway was packed.

Then he mentioned the “bum” behind him had beans for lunch and was gassing. So, he had to endure quite a lot of drama and stinky smells.

Watch the video clip below and you’ll be wishing for the good old days when we weren’t worried about offending other people and comedy was actually fun!