major angle on hold
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Thanks in no small part to Randy Orton’s injury, one major WWE angle is reportedly on hold. Plus, dealing with his own issues, we have some Bryan Danielson-Forbidden Door news to discuss.

Major WWE Angle On Hold

With The Viper likely missing the rest of the year, one major WWE angle is now said to be on hold.

Back when the odd couple of Randy Orton and Matt Riddle formed a most unlikely tag team, the plan was for the team to have a very short shelf life.

The point of the union, at that time, was for the nasty breakup. WWE wanted to have a good basis for an Orton-Riddle feud, and forming and breaking up RK-Bro was the vehicle.

Except, they never expected the team to take off and become one of the most engaging and entertaining things they had to offer.

Riddle and Orton got hot and stayed hot, winning the RAW Tag Team Championships in the process.

Along the way, the idea of an Orton-Riddle feud was still there…just on the back burner.

major angle on hold

source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

With news of Orton’s back injury likely keeping him out of action the rest of 2022. the major WWE angle is on hold as well.

But, according to the Wrestling Observer, the plans still exist.

And, as they point out, the way to get there is still there. Orton could come back annoyed that Riddle constantly dedicated things to him.

He could be ticked off that, while Riddle dedicated matches to Randy…he often lost those.

There are plenty of ways to get there, and it seems WWE does indeed plan to.

Of course, Orton did say (perhaps just in character) that his run with Riddle was among the most fun he’s ever had in wrestling.  

With that in mind, there is at least a part of me not wanting to see a feud. Both Superstars have seemed to be having a great deal of fun while doing some of their best in-ring work.

Bryan Danielson-Forbidden Door News

It may be one of the bigger PPVs of the year, but will one AEW star even make it? With that, we have some Bryan Danielson-Forbidden Door news.

Forbidden Door is, of course, the joint AEW-NJPW show, happening June 26 in Chicago.

Many talents from both companies are angling for their own big matches on the historic show.

One name that might not make it?

Bryan Danielson.

major angle on hold

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

Per Dave Meltzer of the Observer, as of last week, Bryan Danielson still had not been cleared to wrestle.

Thus far, he has not been announced for any match at Forbidden Door, though there has at least been a bit of hinting at what could be.

Specifically, if he is cleared, it seems like we will see Bryan Danielson go up against Zack Sabre Jr.

Sabre Jr has recently been calling out Danielson, so the shots have been fired.

However, Danielson will need to be medically cleared.  As of this writing, that had not happened yet.

I’d term this mildly concerning at the moment. When word broke of Danielson being injured, it was downplayed quickly, with indications suggesting he’d miss very little time.

Thus far, it hasn’t been “very little”…but both AEW and Zack Sabre Jr are moving forward as though a match is likely, or at least a strong possibility.

I would call that optimism encouraging. Perhaps we find out later this week if the American Dragon will be in Chicago this weekend.