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Goldberg To Wrestle Again In WWE?, CM Punk & Road Dogg Fight

It sounds like Goldberg might wrestle again for WWE. And, Road Dogg has a story about how he nearly came to blows with CM Punk.

It sounds like Goldberg might wrestle again for WWE. Also, Road Dogg has a story about how he nearly came to blows with CM Punk.

Goldberg To Wrestle Again In WWE?

Fans might not have seen the last of Goldberg of WWE TV. While he completed the dates on his contract, he is apparently still employed by WWE.

While speaking with The New York Post, Goldberg used the famous ‘never say never’ line. 

“I’m still waiting for that one [call] to happen one of these days,” said Goldberg. “But, I suppose you never retire in the wrestling world until you’re dead, so who knows.”

“I have worked my a— off day, after day, after day to get to a point where I feel almost normal again. I needed the mental focus of understanding that surgery wasn’t an option at the time and I needed to put my a—to the grindstone.”

The 55 year old last wrestled at the Elimination Chamber. It took Roman Reigns six minutes to choke Goldberg unconscious to retain the title.

The match was about two years in the making. Originally, WWE promoted the two for WrestleMania 36. Reigns pulled out about 10 days before due to the pandemic.

“Hey, I may never get the call, you never know,” said Goldberg. “But you bet your a— I’ll be ready.”

Maybe, Goldberg needs to find alternatives then wrestling inside a ring. He was never the best talent and there are plenty of wrestlers that could use the TV time.

CM Punk & Road Dogg Fight

Goldberg Wrestle Again WWE
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Pro wrestling is full of people with big personalities. It is part of the reason they entered the business.

Sometimes, people are too passionate and the results cause tensions to rise. On “Oh…You Didn’t Know” podcast, Road Dogg discussed working with CM Punk.

Their conversation did not go well as blows were almost thrown.

“Me and CM Punk almost went to blows when I was a producer on a live event,” said Road Dogg. “We had to get called into Vince’s office at TV and make nice and shake hands.” 

“I never thought Punk was what Punk was. But, again, I know he is what he is.” 

“I know he’s hugely successful in this industry and over. I give him all the credit in the world. But, I just didn’t get it. I see it now.” 

“Still don’t get it, but I see it, so I know it’s true. But me and him didn’t see eye to eye early on.” 

“He was the champion at the time. It was about how he was carrying himself as the champion.” 

“I had a discussion with him that he obviously didn’t like being talked to that way. So the next time I saw him, it was not yelling in my face.” 

“But, it was, I was yelling in his face. He was a lot more professional and calm than I was at the time.

Currently, the two work for separate companies. Road Dogg has worked for WWE on-and-off since about 1994.

Right now, he produces matches with focus on SmackDown. Also, he has been a coach at the Performance Center.

After a lengthy time away from wrestling, Punk returned and joined AEW. He is healing a broken foot, which he suffered right after winning the AEW World Championship.

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