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Triple H Road Dogg
August 23, 2022
Reports indicate that Triple H has rehired his friend Road Dogg, and WNZ has the full story on this. Plus, Big E suffers a BIG setback.
Goldberg Wrestle Again WWE
July 18, 2022
It sounds like Goldberg might wrestle again for WWE. And, Road Dogg has a story about how he nearly came to blows with CM Punk.
ridge holland big e
July 16, 2022
After injuring him, check out Ridge Holland’s apology to Big E. Plus, Billy Gunn wants an old WWE friend in AEW.
road dogg claims ageism
Following some recent moves, Road Dogg claims ageism drove one Superstar’s release. Plus, a sneak peek at the AEW Owen Hart action figure!
john cena saves life
March 31, 2021
In a bit of unusual and great news, John Cena saves a young child’s life, sort of. Also, Road Dogg responds to fans who have wished him well.
Hall Fame Surprise Nixed
March 29, 2021
The WWE Hall of Fame will take in less than 10 days, but a major surprise has been nixed. And, Road Dogg is undergoing heart surgery.
Road Dogg Heart Attack
March 27, 2021
WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg Brian James apparently had a a heart attack. And, a main roster superstar requested their return to NXT.
WWE Legend Bullet Bob Armstrong passed away
August 28, 2020
WWE legend ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong has passed away. HIs death was confirmed by his sons Road Dogg and Scott Armstrong.
Road Dogg's WWE Status
April 19, 2019
Road Dogg will be taking an extended leave of absence after reaching his breaking point with Vince McMahon. Also, it seems WWE forgot about Nikki Cross.
, Update On AJ Style’s Wreslemania Injury
April 11, 2019
Brian “Road Dogg” James has an interesting new role in the WWE, after stepping down from SD LIVE as Co-Head Writer. Also, an update on AJ Style WM injury.
Today is Memorial Day in the United States, which means many are enjoying the day off at the beach and stuffing their faces. It’s also a day to thank those that served and protected the United States.
February 21, 2018
The defunct WWE Hardcore Championship is one of the most overlooked titles in WWE history – which is a shame because it sure did give us some fun matches.
August 22, 2017
during this year’s Summerslam was the moment when Cesaro ripped up a beach ball that was being tossed around during the pay-per-view.