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Cashing In The Briefcase: On Who, When and Where?

Now it's time for a Theory about cashing in the briefcase-specifically, on who, when and where will Mr. Money In The Bank cash it in?

With the 2022 edition of Money In The Bank now in our rear view, it’s all about cashing in the briefcase…and people are asking…on who, when and were?

We already know that there is just a single briefcase being cashed in over the next year.

Liv Morgan took care of that Saturday evening.

So, when will the winner be cashing in the briefcase?

Let’s discuss, shall we?

Cashing In The Briefcase: On Who, When and Where?

First, in full disclosure, this whole idea was cooked up and I foolishly did not think we’d see a single cash in Saturday.

We already knew that there was no chance of a men’s cash in, as Roman Reigns is far far away.

Plus, there’s no chance WWE is risking the big money bout set for the end of July.

But, I also figured maybe we’d see both briefcases be in play for a while.

cashing in the briefcase
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

Alas, we will only have the men’s briefcase to wonder about.

Liv Morgan, in her post-match interview, hinted that she was thinking of using her prize to give her a WrestleMania moment.

That, as you likely should know by now, was all smoke. With Rousey selling an injury after retaining, Liv Morgan cashed in on the Baddest Woman on the Planet.

Which leaves us asking about just one briefcase.

So…let’s discuss…when could Theory be cashing in the briefcase?

On who?

Well, right now, there is only one. It’s Roman Reigns, or…Roman Reigns.

That’s the boring aspect about having a unified champion, right?

Of course, Theory does have a year to decide who to cash in on.

Meaning, it may not be Reigns.

It could be Lesnar. Or, someone else.

All eyes will be on SummerSlam and the Last Man Standing match as a starting point.

For one thing, the brutality such a match brings with it has folks expecting that the winner won’t be in great shape.

Or, put another way…whomever wins will be ripe for the picking.

If Lesnar wins, he has no backup.

However, if Reigns wins…he does, in theory, have The Bloodline watching his back.

So right now, the choices are…Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar or “the field”.

Who will Theory be cashing in on? If I am placing a bet, I’d go with Reigns, for two reasons.

One, he’s on an historic run, and two, if Vince really sees Theory as his next John Cena…having him become champion by knocking off Reigns would be huge.


Right now, all bets are on SummerSlam.

Honestly, the closer we creep toward the next WrestleMania…the more I wonder if Reigns makes it to another with all the gold.

However, if WWE is angling for Reigns/Rock in Hollywood…that match doesn’t need a title belt.

cashing in the briefcase
source: @wwe, twitter, screenshot

My wild card call is if WWE finally decides to split the belts again, perhaps at Survivor Series? Give a path for RAW and SmackDown to once again have a single champion, and perhaps around that time?

It’s fun to dream, I suppose?

For now, I would say flip a coin.

Even 4 weeks out, it seems quite likely that SummerSlam’s main event will present a terrific chance for Theory to be cashing in the briefcase.


Honestly, this is the easiest part.

Roman Reigns said it himself, he’s not working as much anymore.

Odds of him (or Brock Lesnar) being on a RAW or SmackDown, in a match, that leaves them vulnerable?

Slim to none.

This cash-in happens in Nashville.

Or, Survivor Series.

No later than Hollywood over WrestleMania weekend, however.

As big as beating Reigns (or Lesnar after a 30 second reign) would be for Theory in 4 weeks…having him wait to do the deed at WrestleMania would be huge.

Like, it could rival Seth Rollins and his best cash-in ever.

The Wild Card

I would say this is extremely unlikely…but what if Theory fails?

He’s been Mr. McMahon’s latest toy for a while, so it seems unthinkable.

However…not everyone succeeds.

John Cena made the mistake of announcing his shot a week in advance. He failed.

Baron Corbin had one of the worst cash-in’s ever, and he failed too.

Mr. Kennedy won the briefcase…but he didn’t even get to fail.

It could happen to Theory too. I am not expecting it to…but it could.

So…when will Theory go from Mr. Money In The Bank 2022…to the next champion, unified or otherwise?

That is now the biggest question on many fans minds.

If you are a betting person, it is simple. All eyes are now on Nashville.

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