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Did Jay White Sign With AEW?, Top Couple Likely Turning Heel

AEW is all about signing big names, but did Jay White sign a contract? And, a popular couple seems to be headed for a heel turn.

Despite appearing on AEW TV, did Jay White sign with the promotion. Also, Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti look be turning heel as the fans turned on them.

Did Jay White Sign With AEW?

AEW likes to open the forbidden door, which has seen big stars from other promotions on TV. It allows fans a rare chance to see a match that might only happen once.

Adam Cole and The Young Bucks often finds themselves causing problems with other talent. Therefore, they need some extra help.

So, on an episode of Dynamite, Jay White appeared to help Cole and The Young Bucks. Since then, he has only appeared a few time.

White was on The Sessions with Renee Paquette, where he went into further details about his AEW status.

“I didn’t sign with them or anything like that,” said White. “I’m still with New Japan, but luckily I have a fair bit of freedom where I can go and do what I want so to speak.” 

“I thought it was kind of known. There was never one of those sweet graphics put out with me.”

Besides being  a mainstay in New Japan Pro Wrestling, White has also been working for Impact Wrestling. Basically, if you were a member of the Bullet Club, White could appear for a quick assist. 

Top Couple Likely Turning Heel

Jay White AEW Sign
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When AEW was forming, they had a few wrestlers in mind who would be the pillars for the company’s future. One of those names was Sammy Guevara, who was relatively knew to many pro wrestling fans.

On the debut episode of AEW Dynamite, he joined Chris Jericho to form The Inner Circle. Even before the stable disbanded, Guevara was starting to distance himself.

He had won the interim TNT Championship because Cody Rhodes was out with COVID. In a ladder match to determine an undisputed champion, Guevara left the victor.

He was about to break the record for most title defends of the TNT Championship, when he lost. Due to outside interference from American Top Team, Scorpio Sky left with gold.

Also during the segment, Paige VanZant signed with AEW. She did so after attacking Guevara’s girlfriend, Tay Conti.

While all this unfolded, AEW confirmed that Guevara and Conti were a real-life couple. The problem is Guevara was engaged not too long ago and it occurred on AEW TV.

Therefore, Guevara and Conti have been getting heavily booed by the fans. You could clearly hear the crowd’s distain towards the faces at last night’s Battle of the Belts II.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted how this will basically force AEW to turn them heel.

“We know them making out is going to get heat,” said Meltzer. “They’re probably going to go in that direction.” 

“That’s probably what they should be doing. It is what they should be doing and that’s fine if people want to boo them.”

AEW has been pushing Guevara has a future world champion and have also given Conti plenty of TV time. If they turn them heel, it likely alters any plans they had with American Top Team.

Tony Khan always says he listens to what the fans want and they are being very vocal at the moment. AEW fans want Guevara and Coni to be heels going forward and that looks to be happening. 

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