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Five Best War Movies On Netflix That You Need To Check Out

There are so many great war movies, but for every hit, there are a few hidden gems. Here are the best war movies on Netflix.

Netflix has a movie for just about every mood. So, of course, they have plenty of war movies. And while classics like Saving Private Ryan, Dunkirk, and Apocalypse Now are always on my front page, I got to thinking about some of the less-known war films on the streaming giant. 

The Five Best War Movies On Netflix You Haven’t Seen Yet

Here are five great war movies on Netflix you might not have seen yet. These cover the history of humanity and showcase the pain, gory, and even the humor of war. 

Da Five Bloods 

A story that examines the Vietnam War through the eyes of a group of veterans who return to the country 40 years later to find a buried treasure. What bills itself as a high-stakes thriller is instead a meditative thriller on the trauma of war, the guilt of those who survive, and what it is like to return to a country that doesn’t respect you for your service. 


This one is from 1963 and it tells the story of the great emperor and conqueror Saladin. If you’re a fan of epic war movies that don’t use CGI and feature epic battles featuring real soldiers, then this is a movie for you. Don’t be intimidated by the subtitles. This one is a classic. 

Sand Castle

A problem I have with many movies about the Iraq war is the hyperfocus on the action and the demonization of everyday Iraqis, many of whom want to make their country a safe and prosperous place. Sand Castle uses repairing a village’s vital water pump to show the fears and trials of our soldiers and the plight of everyday citizens of Iraq, who have to risk their lives and those of their families if they choose to work with the Americans. 

Sand Castle does a great job of humanizing all sides of the conflict.

The Wolf’s Call

I love a good submarine thriller. If you’re a fan of Crimson Tide or Run Silent, Run Deep, this movie is perfect for you. This French thriller delivers high stakes and the claustrophobic tension that makes a good submarine movie. 

The Railway Man 

While Hollywood has covered a lot of angles in Word War 2, one that I feel needs more attention is the horrific treatment Japan inflicted not only on the countries it invaded but also on their prisoners of war. Japan defied nearly all of the Geneva Convention as it starved and tortured Allied troops their forces captured.

The Railway Man tells the story of British Army officer Eric Lomax. Starring Academy Award winners Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, The Railway Man tells the story of one man’s horrific abuse at the hands of the Japanese and how it affected him for the rest of his life. The film also touches on forgiveness in a way few war films do. 

What do you think is the best Netflix war movie? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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