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Source: Screenshot of Mt. Vernon Police Officer Newman Brazier via YouTube

A picture of an Alabama police officer paying respect to a World War II veteran is going viral. It was pouring rain as the body of Private First Class Robert Lee Serling was heading to the soldier’s final destination.

But, that didn’t matter to Mt. Vernon Police Officer Newman Brazier. When the funeral hearse approached, Brazier left the comfort of his police cruiser to stand at attention.

A Veteran From A Small Town

It didn’t matter to him that he was about to get drenched.

As a fellow veteran from a small town, he wanted to do the right thing and honor Serling and his service to his country.

“I felt that he would want to be acknowledged,” the officer said. “I felt that from being from a small town like Mount Vernon, that he can do what he did, and he could pass, and nobody would realize it and not respect it. It was my point, to let everybody know that was in that area, that he was there, he was passing through, even if it was for the last time.”

Brazier left his jurisdiction to watch the procession. He was very intent on being there for the World War II Veteran’s final goodbye.

People at the funeral took notice of Brazier’s touching tribute. 

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Respecting Those Who Serve

“He was just standing there at attention, when we passed by there. Everybody at the Camile Center said something about it after we got up there and said man did you see that cop up there soaking wet, standing at attention, it took an effect on those guys, especially the veterans, to someone up there do that, what an honor,” Eddie Irby Jr., President and Founder of the 92nd Division Buffalo Soldier WWII said.

There aren’t many World War II Veterans left. Most have passed on.

They sacrificed a tremendous amount for our nation.

These Veterans put their lives on the line to save the world from tyranny. They deserve respect and that is why Officer Newman Brazier was there, even in the pouring rain. 

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A news report about this story is in the video below. 

God bless the police officer and the World War II Veteran for their service.

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