AEW Not Supporting MJF, Jim Duggan Fighting Cancer Again

There has been a lot of talk about his future in the company, but it seems like the AEW locker room is not supporting MJF on his contract status. And, in some unfortunate news, Jim Duggan is fighting cancer again.

AEW Not Supporting MJF

While he won’t become a free agent for more than a year, his status has been a hot topic…and now comes word that the AEW locker room is not supporting MJF and his contractual issues.

This news honestly doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise. It will likely be the first major pain point for Tony Khan and friends to address.

Yes, even bigger than Cody Rhodes. Rhodes was not really an issue. 

His contract expired, he seemed to leave on good enough terms (working beyond his expiration date on a hand shake deal). 

There is no parallel between Cody and MJF.

MJF is expected to be the hottest free agent in a while when he hits the market. It is believe that happens on or about January 1st, 2024.

source @gimmickattorney, twitter, screenshot

He has been quite open about considering all options, including saying so in an interview that got him in a bit of trouble.

More recently word got out that he was more than likely leaving the company when his contract expired. That comes as there have been some contract talks between MJF and Khan…and they’ve not gone well.

Sometimes when a star is negotiating, his peers support them. That is not the case now.

According to Fightful, the locker room is not supporting MJF in his efforts.

It sounds like Khan and AEW offered MJF a more lucrative deal, but by effectively re-doing his current deal and pushing free agency out a year or two.

MJF wants more money now, but also wants to retain his free agency as it currently stands.

Thus far, Khan has rebuffed that desire, and it seems he has support of the majority of the locker room.

Given how many see MJF as a future mega star with a long career ahead of him…things will only get more interesting until he signs his next deal.

Jim Duggan Fighting Cancer Again

In some sad news, Jim Duggan is fighting cancer once again.

It seems like just the other day, Duggan got some good news about his cancer…but it did not last.

Duggan shared the news via social media, and it has been picked up by many sources.

Duggan has been fighting prostate cancer since last year. 

source @cacreunion, twitter, screenshot

With it’s re-emergence, he and his family are clearly very concerned about the battle ahead.

Duggan took care of business as best he could last year. Now he will have to do it again.

It is never easy to battle cancer, it is even harder to do it over and over.

The wrestling community is rallying behind “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and wishing and hoping for the best.


John Deegan

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