Devout Catholic Mark Wahlberg was busy filming his upcoming Christian movie Father Stu when he received the heartbreaking news that his beloved mother Alma had passed away at the age of 78 after a battle with dementia. In a new interview, the 50 year-old star is opening up about how difficult this was for him.

First, here’s a peek at Wahlberg’s self-funded, faith-based film Father Stu which hits theaters this Easter:

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‘It Was Tough’

“It was tough,” Wahlberg admitted to Extra. “She was very sick, went home to visit her… say goodbye… FaceTiming constantly… We knew that it was inevitable. I just tried to hold on and be as positive as possible.”

Wahlberg went on to say that he will always remember his mother and the way that she lived her life.

“She was an amazing person,” he stated. “She taught us all through all the difficulties that we had and faced… She was very proud that we turned our lives around.”

Watch Mark Wahlberg open up about what family means and the loss of his mom in the video below.

Alma raised nine children, including Mark and his older brother Donnie, who stars on the CBS television drama “Blue Bloods.” She also frequently appeared on her family’s former A&E reality television show “Wahlburgers”.

You can enjoy some of Alma’s most memorable “Wahlburgers” moments in the video below. 

Mark Wahlberg Found Solace In His Faith-Based Movie Father Stu

While losing his mother was an excruciating experience, Wahlberg found solace in simultaneously working on a faith-based movie.

Wahlberg has been open about his strong faith and family’s Catholic devotion through the years. He’s arguably one of the most outspoken defenders of the faith in Hollywood. The Boston native is raising his family in the faith and preaches the power of prayer.

In Father Stu, Wahlberg plays a wannabe boxer who finds God and ultimately becomes a priest. The movie is based on the life of Father Stuart Long, who leaned on his faith in a way that Wahlberg relates to. 

“It’s my faith that introduced me to a positive effect from doing something good, so once I experienced that I didn’t want to do anything else,” he explained. 

Wahlberg was drawn to this movie largely because he was inspired by the way that Long carried himself.

“The reason why he was so effective was because he was authentic,” the actor said. “He was speaking the truth from experience, and that’s invaluable… He’s such a remarkable man. It was an honor for me to portray him in the film and to tell his story.”

Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Have Advice For His Younger Self

At 50 years of age, Mark Wahlberg has learned quite a lot from life, but that doesn’t mean he has advice for his younger self. 

“I could say whatever I want till I was blue in the face, he wasn’t gonna listen,” he admitted. “I’m trying to talk to my kids now. Ya know what they say? Youth is wasted on the young, right?”

Alma would undoubtedly be very proud to see how her son is doing today! We can’t wait to check out Father Stu when it hits theaters on April 13. 

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