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It is hard to be a Christian in Hollywood. Not only do you have to live contrary to the Hollywood culture, but Christians risk being blacklisted for their faith as well. Mark Wahlberg is one of the few who not only lives a Christian life, but he openly talks about it too. Now, he’s making sure his kids follow in his footsteps.

Wahlberg has been outspoken about his Catholic faith. He’s a daily Communicant, attends Mass daily and often goes twice on Sundays! The Lone Survivor¬†is also passing on his faith to his daughter.

Wahlberg and his wife Rhea both posted some Instagram pictures that prove just that! Last weekend, their daughter had her First Holy Communion!

Wahlberg is obviously living his life as a devout Catholic. He previously asked for forgiveness for his role in the movie “Boogie Nights.” He and his wife Rhea are working hard to instill these strong values in their daughter, who was obviously very happy to receive her First Communion.

This family is not afraid to share their faith. They are proud of it and hope it inspires other people. Prior to First Communion, Catholic children have their First Reconciliation. Last month, Rhea also shared pictures of this important event.

Both Rhea and Mark Wahlberg joined their daughter for this important occasion. The actor wasn’t about to let anything stand in the way of missing this!

The Wahlbergs definitely don’t let Hollywood dictate their lifestyle or beliefs! Mark Wahlberg puts his faith out there for everyone to see!

On Ash Wednesday, Mark Wahlberg shared a video of him and Rhea wishing everyone a good Lent. The couple had ashes on their foreheads from Ash Wednesday mass. The actor accrued six times as many likes on his Instagram post than he even had followers at the time. People want to see more of this from Hollywood!


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