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When Hollywood refused to make his new faith-based movie Father Stu, Mark Wahlberg stepped up to make it himself.

‘Hollywood Doesn’t Make Films Like This’

“Hollywood doesn’t make films like this,” Wahlberg explained to The Christian Post.

Father Stu, which is set to be released on April 13, is based on the incredible journey to faith of the boxer-turned-priest Father Stuart Long.

Wahlberg pitched the movie to various Hollywood studios for six “slow years,” but he was only met with “resistance” over the Christian themes of the movie.

On top of that, the Catholic Church was reluctant to get behind the film because of how vulgar the language is at times in it. 

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‘I Was Met With Resistance’

“I was met with resistance not only from studios to make this movie, but also from the Church, which I was really surprised about,” Wahlberg recalled. “But then I realized, they opened to Page 1, and Bill’s using the F word, and in Page 2, he used it again. Then next thing you know, ‘this is vulgar and this is unacceptable’ without really understanding what the message was.” 

“I think if you’d left the Passion of the Christ 20 minutes before the movie was over, you get the wrong message too,” he added. “So it was important for us to just say, ‘OK, let’s go make the movie on our own and then bring it to them and then see what their response is.’ Then if it’s not, I will continue to grow to challenge why people are turning away, or why people are not accepting it because of various reasons or why this wouldn’t be accepted because of language?”

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Wahlberg Funds ‘Father Stu’ Himself

Refusing to give up, Wahlberg funded the movie himself because he feels that its powerful message is something the world needs to see right now.

He says that the movie is about “love, hope and redemption,” and showing that “nobody is beyond redemption.” Check out a trailer for Father Stu below.

Though the film has not officially been released yet, Wahlberg has heard good things so far from those who have gotten to see it pre-release. 

“It’s so nice to hear the kind of reaction that we’re hearing and people all being touched by the film for one reason or another,” Wahlberg said. “Nothing worse than being like, ‘OK, I’m obligated to go out there promote with you because I was paid to do the movie.’” 

“It’s a different thing when you actually paid for the movie yourself,” he continued. “But the movie was so blessed, and really many times there was a real intercession from some sort of higher power, I would have to say it would be God.”

We applaud Wahlberg for never giving up on such an inspiring film that spreads the word of God. We can’t wait to see Father Stu when it comes out next month!

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