Mark Wahlberg talks Netflix 'Spenser Confidential' and prayer

Mark Wahlberg openly lives his faith. During the below “Today Show” interview about his new Netflix movie Spenser Confidential, the musician turned actor turned producer discussed how he will never hide his faith. Better yet, the A-lister actively shares his Christianity with his Hollywood peers in an attempt to get others to open up to God. Mark Wahlberg prays regularly and invites his fellow celebrities to pray with him. His example is certainly not the Hollywood norm.

Mark Wahlberg’s Faith Journey

48-year-old Wahlberg has openly discussed his faith journey a number of times over the years.

The Boston native is a devout Roman Catholic and believes his story of redemption, success, and gratitude will help guide others to Jesus.

Wahlberg starts everyday with a intense regimen of prayer and reading the Bible. The faith-based ritual inspires Wahlberg to conquer his day.

A short clip of Wahlberg’s testimony is in the tweet below.

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Wahlberg has brought his star power to a string of movies based on real world events that spotlight our military, police, and everyday heroes – Lone Survivor, Patriots Day, and Deepwater Horizon to name a few. He also enjoyed a comedic breakout opposite Will Ferrell in Daddy’s Home.

Now Wahlberg is promoting his new Netflix movie, Spenser Confidential.

Mark Wahlberg’s Prayer Regimen

Wahlberg sat down with Harry Smith of the “Today Show” to discuss his new movie, but a large portion of the interview was spent discussing his faith.

The popular actor emphasized that he never takes a break from praying.

“That’s the most important thing. I take a day off, I take two days a week off from the gym now. I don’t take a day off from getting on my hands and my knees and reading my prayer book and my daily devotionals and, first of all, expressing the gratitude that I have for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon me,” Wahlberg said about his spiritual practices.

“And then, of course, asking for the strength and guidance to be able to use the talents and gifts that God’s given me to help others and inspire and know what right is and to do so … to be the best husband I can be, best father I can be,” he added.

The father of four is constantly adding people to his prayer list. He is always on the lookout for people who need prayers.

“I meet people along the way, and I add people to my prayers. If I see somebody in public eye, or that I read in the newspaper somebody that’s struggling, somebody that has a child that’s having a health issue, stuff like that, I add them to my prayers, and I usually ended up keeping them in my prayers,” Wahlberg told Harry Smith . “So it’s now 20 minutes of praying, actual praying, and then my reading and stuff like that.”

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Christians In Hollywood

Hollywood is not a welcoming environment for people of faith. Wahlberg doesn’t care and continues to be his authentic self.

He is constantly encouraging his peers to join him in prayer and devotion. And the popular actor is not about to stop.

“Look, I will not hide the fact that I love the Lord and I want to be committed to serving the Lord, but I also don’t jam it down anybody’s throat,” Wahlberg said. “But it’s better to never have known God than to deny God. I mean, that’s not a good look. That’s not a good look.”

“That being said, there are people that I’m close to that I will send devotionals to and try to encourage them.”

Mark Wahlberg’s full “Today Show” interview about his Netflix movie Spenser Confidential can be watched in the video below.

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