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Former Bray Wyatt Getting Married, Rotunda Plans Wrestling Return

In some happy news, the former Bray Wyatt is getting married. And, a Rotunda announces plans for his wrestling return.

In some happy news, the former Bray Wyatt announced he is getting married to JoJo Offerman. Plus, a Rotunda discusses his plans for his wrestling return.

Former Bray Wyatt Getting Married

The headline says it all-the former Bray Wyatt is getting married.

Windham Rotunda, the former WWE Superstar, got engaged  to JoJo Offerman.

He asked, she said yes, and then made it social media official:


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The pair met and started a relationship while both working in WWE. There was, of course, some controversy with that.

Wyatt’s first wife filed for divorce in 2017, and as part of the proceedings, accused Bray of having an affair with JoJo.

Without going into the details of that situation, the reality is this:

Wyatt, otherwise known as Windham Rotunda, is now engaged to Offerman.

Together, the two former WWE talents have two young children.

Now, the mother and father will become husband and wife.

And, all this while Wyatt continues to work on his movie project...and while he remains the most curious and perhaps elusive wrestling free agent.

Plenty in and around WWE want him to come back to the company.

bray wyatt getting married
source: @wonf4w, twitter, screenshot

Then again, his own father says he is not done with wrestling.

Even if Wyatt’s reported price tag is quite high.

Now, perhaps we can start a pool to see what happens first: a Wyatt return to the ring, the Rotunda-Offerman wedding, or baby number 3.

In any case, we wish nothing but happiness to the couple.

Rotunda Plans Wrestling Return

Speaking of that family…another Rotunda discusses plans for his own wrestling return.

If you couldn’t tell from that opener…this part is not about Windham, but rather about his brother Taylor.

Or, if you’d rather…the former Bo Dallas.

The father of both Windham and Taylor, Mike Rotunda, had already made it clear that wrestling fans had not seen the last of his sons in the ring.

Now, during a fan convention in the United Kingdom recently, Taylor fanned the flames.

Per a report in SEScoops, Taylor Rotunda was asked about his future.

And he responded that he does plan to be back in the ring very soon.

That lines up with comments the former NXT Champion made earlier in 2022. At that time, he hinted that his grand in ring return was a few months away.

Which has a lot of us expecting we might see this Rotunda working matches somewhere by the time the summer rolls around.

The question then becomes…where will Rotunda land?

His partner, of course, is still a WWE Superstar. If Vince McMahon wants to change things up, there are worse things than a return of Bo Dallas.

bray wyatt getting married
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Then again, Rotunda now has the option of AEW. But…he’s been a free agent for a while, and has not yet gone over to the newer promotion.

Whether that is because one or both parties lacked interest is unknown. It is entirely possible that Rotunda has enjoyed the time away from the grind, and was simply in no rush to go anywhere.

In either case, it sounds like he wants back in, and soon. Whether he pops up in WWE, AEW or anywhere else…the summer could be busy for the Rotunda family.

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