You may have well hit me with a giant mallet this morning, because I could not believe this news at first! While it’s unfortunately not uncommon for WWE Superstars to have affairs because of their rigorous traveling schedules, Bray Wyatt was possibly the last person I would have expected to do this.

What’s even more shocking is the person he’s allegedly having the affair with: ring announcer Jojo!

Samantha Has Filed for Divorce

Bray Wyatt Jojo

Bray’s real life wife – Samantha Rotunda – has officially filed for divorce. Her reason for serving Windham Rotunda (Bray’s real name) with divorce papers is alleged adultery.

The split between Bray and Samantha has sent shock waves throughout the WWE Universe. Bray and Samantha have been together since college and have been married for five years. However, if the allegations are true and Bray did cheat on his wife with Jojo, I would say that the divorce papers are well-deserved. True heel move Bray!


Samantha has posted two stinging posts on social media, showing the damage Wyatt inflicted on her and their children: 

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First on Instagram

Its quiet, kids are napping and left alone in my thoughts I realize #ihateyou …the bubbly love, the tingles, the butterflies when you walked into a room…all gone. You made not a mistake but a year and a half in the making, life long decision, in front of the world that will forever change me and our girls lives. You were selfish; out and about with no care to who saw you two together. You hurt me, crushed me, shattered my world. YOU were my world; our world; #kingofourcastle…you lost us, our family we worked so hard to make and protect. You made a choice. I hate you for hurting us; in due time you’ll see what you’ve lost. I was loyal, faithful, and loved you for you not who you became. We found love when we had nothing and created a home, a family, a life together; you will never have that again. #lovedyouwhenyouwereanobody #ihateyou #youbrokemyheart #soulmatesnomore #youruinedus #imadeapromisetogod #asshole #stayathomemom #divorcesucks #cheatinghusband”

She also posted this slightly more positive message on Facebook

The Alleged Mistress

Bray Wyatt Jojo

Bray Wyatt’s alleged mistress is none other than Jojo, the 23-year-old ring announcer who had a short stint on Total Divas. I remember her chasing Justin Gabriel like a schoolgirl with a crush back in those days. But judging by her recent photographs, she’s dropped the girlish look for good.

While it takes two to tango and Bray is just as much to blame in this, it’s unlikely that Jojo was unaware of Wyatt‘s wife and children.

Walking Out on His Wife and Two Daughters

Bray Wyatt Jojo

If the affair wasn’t bad enough, the WWE star has certainly fallen from grace with more allegations from Samantha Rotunda. Ray Rafool – the divorce attorney representing Samantha in the divorce – stated that he had evidence to back up the allegations, including phone records between Bray and Jojo.

Samantha also claims through her lawyer that Wyatt walked out not only on her, but also on their daughters, who are just 6 and 4.

Gag Order

Bray Wyatt Jojo

It looks like Bray is seriously concerned about what this could do to his career, considering how PG-friendly the WWE is. He filed a counter-petition at court relating to the divorce, which could prevent Samantha from speaking out about the reasons she is looking to obtain a divorce.

Since Samantha is accusing Wyatt of “adultery and misdeeds” in the divorce proceedings, Wyatt has reasons to be concerned. Samantha is also looking for full custody of their children, which could seriously reduce Bray’s chances of spending time with them.

The allegations against Bray Wyatt are certainly serious. If they are true, they could undoubtedly endanger his career with the WWE. One thing I do know, if this is true, my respect for Bray Wyatt has hit an all-time low, and so has my respect for Jojo.

What do you think of this mess? If the allegations are true, what should happen next in your opinion?

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