stars injured aew revolution
source: @aew. twitter, screenshot

Sunday night gave fans quite a few physical matches to enjoy, but a couple stars were injured at AEW Revolution. Plus, it is long overdue, but Vader finally gets his WWE Hall of Fame call.

Stars Injured At AEW Revolution

Given the physicality of several matches during their latest PPV, it’s likely not a shock that a couple stars were injured at AEW Revolution.

Considering that Revolution featured a ladder match and a dog collar match, among the card’s many big bouts….that a couple stars were injured shouldn’t be surprising.

Thus far, we know of two stars who suffered injuries at Revolution. There may be more, and I’d be willing to bet even if some are not…plenty of the wrestlers are banged up either way.

The first on the list of those banged up? Orange Cassidy, who was one of the stars involved in the Face of the Revolution ladder match.

That match was ultimately won by Wardlow.

stars injured aew revolution

source: @aew. twitter, screenshot

After the show, the Wrestling Observer revealed that Cassidy suffered an injured shoulder during the ladder match.

Another of the participants from that ladder match…who may actually not be injured…is Ricky Starks.

If you saw the spot live, you’d understand why fans figured he’d been injured too.

Starks took a Wardlow power bomb from the top of one ladder, through another. In the process, he took the brunt of the bump on his neck.

Ricky Starks previously had surgery on his neck, so concern for him was understandable.

Somehow, it seems that he managed to avoid injury. It was confirmed after the show that Starks will be fine.

Considering how hard hitting many of the show’s matches were, if only one star is truly injured, that’s rather impressive.

Vader Joins WWE Hall Of Fame 2022

In other impressive news, former WCW and WWE Superstar Vader finally gets his Hall call.

As in, Vader is going into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of it’s Class of 2022.

It’s a somewhat bittersweet honor. Vader passed away several years ago, and while his health was fading, there was a push for him to receive the honor before he was gone.

Unfortunately, it never happened. 

There had initially been a push for the 2022 Hall class to be a class of one, featuring The Undertaker.

WWE has never done that before, and we can confirm they will not do it in 2022 either.

vader gets hall call

source: @wwe. twitter, screenshot

For those fans who didn’t ever get to see Vader, he is worth looking up, on the WWE Network or YouTube.

People can talk about how impressive someone like Keith Lee is, but people like Vader and Bam Bam Bigelow did that first.

Now, after years of deserving to be in, Vader finally gets his Hall call.

It’s a bit ironic that he goes in along with The Undertaker, considering it was a media appearance in Kuwait, alongside ‘Taker, that landed Vader in some hot water.

Still, this is a case of better late than never. 

As of this moment, there is no word on who will have the honors of inducting Vader into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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