major turn aew revolution
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

We never know what to expect anymore, but we got a major turn at AEW Revolution on Sunday. Plus, another bit of news from the show, another former Superstar is All Elite.

Major Turn At AEW Revolution

The company held it’s latest PPV on Sunday evening, and with that, we saw a major turn at AEW Revolution.

Who turned, and on whom? That may or may not be the surprise here.

The major turn happened at the end of a bloody and brutal dog collar match featuring MJF and CM Punk.

MJF was looking to close out the Best in the World, but as has been his MO, he called for his backup. Specifically, as always, he called for Wardlow.

As always, Wardlow came down to the ring, looking to do damage.

major turn aew revolution

source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

However…if you’ve been paying attention in recent months…Wardlow has not always been quick to do MJF’s dirty work.

Sure, he did it…but more and more, the muscle has been hesitating a bit.

On Sunday, there wasn’t the same hesitation. Instead, we witnessed a major turn at AEW Revolution.

Wardlow, instead of helping MJF defeat CM Punk…did the exact opposite.

He assisted Punk, drilling MJF and establishing himself as AEW’s newest, hottest babyface.

Yes, the turn has been a long time coming. This is a great example of how a long, slow burn can work, if done right.

Now, AEW has a face Wardlow who had also, as of earlier in the evening, won himself a TNT Championship match in the future.

Former Superstar Is All Elite

In another big move for AEW, another former WWE Superstar is now All Elite.

The move had been rumored for quite a few weeks.

There was even some thought that this former Superstar could show up on AEW’s latest PPV, Revolution, and even work in the ladder match.

Well, it wasn’t during or even for the ladder match…but his arrival happened shortly after.

Swerve Strickland, former WWE Superstar, is All Elite.

former superstar all elite

source: @tonykhan, twitter, screenshot

Strickland, the former Isaiah “Swerve” Scott in WWE, walked out to get greeted by AEW fans during Revolution.

Swerve, who enjoyed a nice run in NXT before a really short main roster run that ended with an abrupt release, is now All Elite.

For reasons we may never fully understand, WWE gave up on Swerve way too quick. He formed a hot faction in NXT, known as Hit Row.

The group shot up in popularity and rode that hot streak to the main roster.

However, just as fast as they arrived to the main roster…Swerve and the rest of the faction were gone.

Now that his non-compete is a thing of the past, he has found a new home. Swerve Strickland is All Elite.

Of course, before he became All Elite, Swerve kept himself busy. One such example is his match against fellow AEW signee Nick Wayne (who is currently just 16).

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