Shane McMahon Working WrestleMania, Paul Heyman’s New Deal

Rumors of his demise may be premature, as apparently Shane McMahon will be working WrestleMania 38. And, let’s talk about Paul Heyman’s new deal with WWE.

Shane McMahon Working WrestleMania

After how things went early in 2022, this seemed improbable…but apparently, Shane McMahon may be working WrestleMania.

According to PWInisder, the prodigal son will indeed be in Dallas for WrestleMania weekend.

In fairness, the rest is, for now, speculation. There is no indication whether Shane McMahon will be working a match at WrestleMania or not.

We could see one easy spot for Shane to land in. As revealed on RAW this past Monday, Vince McMahon has given Seth Rollins “his own WrestleMania main event”.

So…could Vince have repaired whatever issues caused a rift between Shane McMahon and WWE following this year’s Rumble?

After all, ahead of that, it was said that there were big plans for Shane at WrestleMania.

So are those plans back on, or have they shifted?

Or…are there in fact no plans at all?

In the grand scheme of things, it is entirely possible that Shane McMahon is simply going to be in Dallas because it’s WrestleMania.

That, in and of itself, is going to bring plenty of WWE Superstars, past and present, into Dallas.

source: @shanemcmahon, twitter, screenshot

Considering that one of Shane’s bigger WrestleMania matches was against The Undertaker…and the Dead Man is the Hall of Fame headliner…

His presence in Dallas could merely be a sign of respect.

Seriously…if you had a chance to attend WrestleMania weekend, likely with exclusive access, wouldn’t you?

And, it could be as simple as that.

However…it is entirely possible that Seth Rollins faces…Shane McMahon at WrestleMania.

Even though everyone, everywhere, is quite certain Rollins will face a returning Cody Rhodes…would such a swerve surprise anyone?

Paul Heyman’s New Deal

Speaking of surprises, get a load of Paul Heyman’s new deal.

The former mad genius behind ECW has enjoyed quite the run with WWE.

Everyone has a contract, and contracts expiring make news all the time.

Rumblings of Heyman’s contract expiring last year did pop up…but then things went rather quiet.

Speaking recently on the Sports Media podcast, Paul Heyman confirmed he has signed a new long term deal.

Heyman signing a new deal with WWE is great news.

If you think about it, over the past couple decades, Paul Heyman has been one of the best things going in WWE.

Heyman was, for the longest time, Brock Lesnar’s advocate.

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

With the pandemic putting Superstar travel in chaos, things changed.

Roman Reigns returned, and did so with a major heel turn, and a new wise man by his side-Paul Heyman.

Heading into WrestleMania, Reigns is on an amazing run, and a lot of that is partly because of his partnership with Heyman.

So, while so many Superstars are looking for (and, in a few cases, getting) new deals…one major name doesn’t need to.

Heyman, while not a Superstar in the ring, is a Superstar within WWE in just about every other sense of the word.

John Deegan

Introduced to professional wrestling in the 1980's thanks to Superstars and Saturday Night's Main Event, John's passion for the medium was reborn thanks to ECW in the 90's. A former in-ring "talent" with a career 0-2 record, he finds it more rewarding, and far less painful, to write about wrestling now.

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