shane mcmahon exiting wwe
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Amid the chaos and confusion from the Royal Rumble, could Shane McMahon be exiting WWE? And, a former Superstar and producer has been granted his release and is heading to AEW…tonight!

Shane McMahon Exiting WWE?

It was previously reported that the owner’s son caught a ton of heat for the events surrounding the Royal Rumble…but could Shane McMahon be exiting WWE because of it?

According to this tweet by Ringside News, he won’t be exiting…but has actually already been let go.

If the above is indeed true, Shane McMahon exiting WWE could be a big deal.

Or, it might not be.

As reports indicate, Shane McMahon had not been a full time WWE employee for some time. Knowing that, and that he was apparently only brought in to be talent for the Rumble…him exiting WWE now doesn’t seem to be as significant.

What is unknown is, would this incident damage any future relationship.

To recap how we got here…

shane mcmahon exiting wwe

source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

Shane McMahon worked the Royal Rumble on Saturday. Shortly after, conflicting reports emerged that Shane got himself heat.

At least one report suggested that the younger McMahon was a main producer for the match. However, other reports refuted that, indicating he was only brought in to be talent for the match, and that he was going to work a WrestleMania 38 program too.

Either way, it seems Shane McMahon acted like…well…a McMahon…and pushed for changes to the match that resulted in chaos and backstage heat.

Now, his father has let him go, and all signs indicate that WrestleMania 38 program is dead.

In the grand scheme, it’s another example of the chaos WWE has endured the last few days. A bad set of Rumbles, unhappy fans and talent, and now one fewer McMahon around.

Former Superstar Heading To AEW Tonight

It took a while, but a WWE producer got his release. Now, the former Superstar is heading to AEW…tonight!

Yes, that is not a mis-print.

Brian Kendrick, a former WWE Superstar and more recently an NXT producer, asked for his release last year.

former superstar headed to aew

source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

In recent days, he was finally granted his release, per Fightful.

Apparently, his contract had no significant non-compete clause, because he has been announced for this evening’s AEW Dynamite.

And, his appearance won’t just be a wave to the crowd.

No, instead Kendrick is going to show up and work a match with another former WWE Superstar…Jon Moxley.

It had been previously noted that Kendrick, while still in NXT, would come back for a match with Harland. That match never happened.

Now, Kendrick will get a chance to wrestle once again…just in AEW and against Mox.

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