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After his nasty injury on SmackDown, DDP offers help to Big E. And, in somewhat of a surprise, NXT talent is on the main roster radar.

DDP Offers Help To Big E

While Friday night took an unexpectedly bad turn for him, DDP offers help to Big E.

And if there is someone who knows a thing or two about some guys recovering from broken necks…it’s DDP.

The WWE Hall of Famer posted to social media, offering some encouraging words, and rehab, for Big E.

DDP Yoga is, of course, pretty well known now. The former world champion has a fairly extensive track record of success.

That success is not limited to the world of professional wrestling, either.

However, when it comes to recent and well known Superstars, Ivar and Tommaso Ciampa are pretty good examples.

Both men suffered similar neck injuries, and in part thanks to using DDPY, they’ve made it back.

As you can see each week, both Ivar and Ciampa have returned to the ring and are quite active.

Ciampa was, until earlier this year, NXT Champion. I’d say that’s a pretty good endorsement.

So, while Big E (and WWE Creative) are still coming to grips with his own broken neck…there are reasons for optimism.

ddp help big e

source: @realddp, twitter, screenshot

And, if DDP isn’t enough…Big E could always call on Stone Cold Steve Austin, or perhaps Kurt Angle-who did win a gold medal with, as he says, “a broken freakin’ neck”.

NXT Talent On Main Roster Radar

For quite a while, we all expected regular promotions…but after the reboot, we weren’t expecting NXT talent to be on the main roster radar so fast.

And yet, here we are.

No, we aren’t talking about Ciampa, or the recently and badly re-named Pete Dunne.

Bron Breakker is certainly on the radar, and he may be up fast. But the son of Steiner isn’t the only one.

If reports are to be believed, NXT Superstar Harland is on the main roster radar too.

nxt talent main roster

source:@TheSBWrestling, twitter, screenshot

That is what PWInsider is reporting, at least.

Before being given his makeover, many spoke of Harland being a baby Brock Lesnar.

While he is big and imposing, he may not be like Lesnar…but he is still being discussed for a call up sooner than not.

It’s surprising given NXT 2.0’s emphasis on youth and development. And also surprising because Harland has only been working in matches for a few months.

However, he has impressed in the ring. He and Joe Gacy have made quite a pairing.

If WWE is smart, and intent on bringing Harland to the main roster…they would be smart to bring both Superstars together and keep things going.

The two are working well together, and could continue to work that magic as new additions to the main roster.

In years past, the shows immediately after WrestleMania were known for NXT call ups. While we haven’t enjoyed those in the last couple years…could this year be different?