big e good news
source:@Fiend4FolIows, twitter, screenshot

He has not had the greatest of weeks, but Big E gets some good news for a change. Plus, one NXT Superstar’s contract is expiring soon.

Big E Gets Good News

Friday was a bad night for him, but less than a week later and Big E gets some good news.

Specifically, the SmackDown-based Superstar headed home.

The news was shared by Big E himself, via social media.

An NFL star based in Birmingham offered Big E assistance while in town…to which Big E explained he no longer was.

That he has been able to go home less than a week after suffering a broken neck is good news.

Scratch that…it is great news.

big e good news

source:@Fiend4FolIows, twitter, screenshot

The former champion is certainly not out of the woods yet. He has a long road ahead of him, and there is still some speculation in terms of what the injury could mean to his career longevity.

There has been debate on if his injury would end up being a career ending one or not. And, naturally, he’s gotten offers to help him get back in the ring.

For now, all Big E can do is take it one day at a time…and he gets to do so from the comfort of his own home.

NXT Superstar Contract Expiring Soon

We’ve seen this happen quite a bit lately it seems, but another NXT Superstar contract is expiring soon.

This time, it would be the contract of Candace LeRae.

Of course, LeRae’s husband, Johnny Gargano, is another of those NXT Superstars who had his contract expire.

He has not re-signed with WWE, nor has he jumped to AEW. Several of his former NXT peers have, of course.

LeRae is unlikely to jump soon, or if she does, we shouldn’t expect to see her performing in a ring all that fast.

After all, she is just a couple months removed from giving birth to the couple’s first child.

Maternity leave is a big deal for a lot of new mothers, and it would seem likely it is for Candace too.

nxt superstar contract expiring

source:@Sonicfan71, twitter, screenshot

In perhaps an interesting curve, per Fightful, WWE is not extending Candace’s contract.

Specifically, WWE has often tacked time on to a Superstar’s contract when time was missed, typically due to an injury.

LeRae’s contract had been set to expire in May of this year, assuming WWE did not add months to the contract due to time missed.

Per the report, the company has no plans to add time to Candace’s contract.

Either WWE knows she plans on leaving and sees no point in holding her hostage, or perhaps there is an agreement in place for her to return when she wants.

For now, it seems that in the not too distant future, we will see her NXT contract expire.