Chris Jericho AEW Offer 
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There was an AEW offer for Chris Jericho to be an EVP, but he turned it down over money. Also, the latest on if Johnny Gargano will be headed back inside a wrestling ring shortly.

Chris Jericho Turns Down AEW Offer 

The money man behind AEW is Tony Khan. Although, the company did not make it this far alone.

When putting the promotion together, he needed the help of those who knew the business. Therefore, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) were given the titles of EVP.

Of the group, only Rhodes no longer holds that position as he recently departed AEW with his wife. Although, there is talk that he might return and not return to WWE.

Also, there from the beginning, has been Chris Jericho. Of everyone on the roster, nobody comes close to the experience or knowledge Jericho has.

So, this caused AEW to offer Jericho a spot as an EVP. While speaking with Sports Illustrated, Jericho noted how money led to him turning down the offer.

“You mentioned earlier I wasn’t an EVP,” said Jericho. “The only reason I wasn’t an EVP is cause I didn’t want to be.”

“They asked me and I said, ‘No, that’s way too much work for what you’re planning on doing.’ Tony Khan’s the boss, anyways. I knew that from the start.” 

“So I wasn’t going to play grab and use EVP as an ego boost. F— that. Just give me more money.”

While passing on the EVP role, Jericho has been very helpful with the promotion. He has the wisdom to help talent on the screen and backstage.

And, he is still very active despite being 51 years old. The first AEW World Champion will battle Eddie Kingston later tonight at the Revolution PPV.

It should be interesting to see whose side Santana and Ortiz are on. Revolution is a stacked card, with many people interested to seeing Jericho and Kingston wrestle for the first time.

Johnny Gargano Return Update

Chris Jericho AEW Offer 

Source: @WrestlePurists, Twitter, Screenshot

NXT has dramatically changed with the rebranding back in the fall. Most of the names that helped build the brand are gone.

That includes Johnny Gargano, who departed after his contract expired. Since is wife was about to give birth, Gargano planned to take a break from wrestling.

Now, Gargano is accepting Indy bookings. So, that led to people thinking he was ready to possibly re-sign with WWE or try his options elsewhere.

Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, does not see Gargano heading to AEW anytime soon. He continued how Jeff Hardy and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott should appear this month.

Gargano could always return to WWE. While he does not fit the mold for the new NXT and would be buried on the main roster, there are other options. In particular, his knowledge would help the smaller wrestlers get over.

Also, AEW now owns Ring Of Honor (ROH). Seeing Gargano perform under the ROH name would be another fun sight to see.

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