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Kid Rock has long been one of the few people in the entertainment world who is not afraid to be open about his strong conservative views. He showed this once again on Thursday, when he took to social media to send a brutal message to President Joe Biden.

Kid Rock Sounds Off 

“President Biden is telling us to expect a hit to our economy and higher gas prices if Russia invades the Ukraine ? Gas prices have been so low until now!? ?… He and the media clearly think We The People are stupid. Let’s go Brandon!” Kid Rock wrote in a statement posted to both his Twitter and Facebook pages. 

Social Media Users Respond 

Facebook users got a big kick out of what Kid Rock said and many of them feel he was spot on.

“Democrats thought they were screwing republicans,and screwed themselves in the process. Good job Dems you screwed everybody,” one social media user commented, with another adding, “When was the last time Biden filled up is own gas tank let alone worry about the price of anything..he has been a highly compensated individual for most of his life..”

“The government officials behind Biden and a lot of major media are crooked. They are probably working with Russia to start this so they can use that as an excuse as why our countries economy is so messed up,” commented a third Facebook user. A fourth person wrote, “Don’t underestimate the hypocrisy or stupidity of a well indoctrinated Democrat. He knows they will believe it!”

This is far from the first time that Kid Rock has bashed Biden publicly. Last month, he made sure to include the anti-Biden chant “Let’s Go Brandon” in his new song “We The People,” which you can check out below.

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Inspiration Behind ‘We The People’ 

Kid Rock explained that the anti-Biden song was inspired by “all the craziness going on in our world in the last few years, and the politics, and the polarization and social justice,” according to The New York Post

“You know, constantly for just being a Trump fan [I am] attacked in the media day in day out,” Kid Rock continued. “I don’t mind taking a punch, but I hit back, motherf–ker, and I hit hard.”

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That being said, Kid Rock would also like to see Americans come together at a time when we seem to be more divided than ever. 

“We gotta keep fighting for right to be free,” he pleaded. “And every human being doesn’t have to agree. We all bleed red, brother, listen to me. It’s time for love and unity.”

Kid Rock continues to be a voice for the millions of conservative Americans in this country who rarely get to see themselves represented in the entertainment world. Here’s hoping you never change, Kid Rock! 

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